Neverfull GM

  1. anyone use this bag for an everyday bag?
  2. I think its a little too big for an everyday bag. It's more like a travel bag to me.
  3. I do, but only for my laptop and work related whatnots.
    neverfull 1.jpg neverfull 2.jpg
  4. I would use it for an everyday bag because its cute and new and holds tons.
    Depends on your style & taste
  5. I think its fine for an everyday bag. Especially if you use it for work or stuff like that too.
  6. i think its okay as an everyday bag. i always bring 2 bags...usually a speedy and like an abercrombie tote for my makeup (i usually do it on the way to wherever were going, a sweater, eBay stuff to mail out...i think this would be great for me. Can't wait to get one. did people say it was coming out in damier and damier azur??
  7. I use it as an everyday bag as well.

    I haven't had any problems with it.
  8. I think it would be good as an every day bag. My plan, once I get it, is to use it for hauling my stuff to the gym.
  9. I got it this weekend to use as an everyday bag! I think it's the perfect size to carry around stuff for school, and also for running errands. Fits tons, and you can also cinch the sides to make it look more compact!