Neverfull GM vs Vertical Lockit - which one is better

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  1. I've narrowed it down to 2 bags, 1 of which I want to purchase to use for my next trip at the end of the month. I cannot decide which one to get so I'm calling on my fellow LV lovers to help me decide.

    What I see as Pros/Cons with each bag:

    Neverfull GM: Plain and simple, can be used as an everyday bag, large enough to carry my laptop if I want, not alot of Vachetta to be worried about damaging with dirt and water, can be worn on the shoulder or carried as a hand/forearm bag, fairly reasonably priced

    Vertical Lockit: Hand held or forearm held, Deep bag with cell phone pocket, zippered closure, not as common as the Neverfull, able to hold lots of stuff, large handles

    Neverfull GM: Thin handles, very common, no zippered closure

    Vertical Lockit: Lots of Vachetta to worry about damaging, possibly very clumbsy and too deep, only hand or forearm held, not as popular?

    Am I missing anything about each? I have tried both on and like them both. Help me decide ladies. Share your pros and cons with me. If you own either or both, give me your opinions.
  2. Lockit Vertical. I think you can wear it over your shoulder too.
  3. I don't think the Lockit Vertical can be worn over the shoulder. If you were to get the Lockit Horizontal, that purse can definately be worn over the shoulder. I don't think I would want to have to hand carry a purse if I was also carrying something heavy inside of it, so I would want the option of longer handles to throw it on your shoulder.

    I know that this is not what you asked but the Lockit Horizontal would probably be a better choice if you are going to carry a laptop around. It still has the security of a zipper but you'll have to worry about the vachetta. I have this bag but use it as a purse but occasionally carry home files in it.

    I have a Neverfull MM which I also use as a purse but I love this bag because I can then carry home work stuff in it, or my jacket, or even water bottles. If you're worried about the open top, you could lay a thin jacket over the top of your contents to protect them from falling out or from being pickpocketed. The only time I had something fall out of my Neverfull was when I got home - I had it on my shoulder and I leaned over to pick something up that I had dropped. Since the Neverfull was on my shoulder behind me, when I leaned over something small had fallen out but I knew it right away. I would just recommend holding the Neverfull in your hand or arm if you have to bend over to pick something up.

    I think the Neverfull GM is really big, but it can definately work as a tote bag for your laptop, etc. I would recommend, however, putting in some sort of base into the Neverfull to prevent it from sagging (use two layers of cardboard or buy a base shaper from ebay for it) - especially if you are going to put your laptop inside of it. Don't worry about the handles for the Neverfull, they are really strong and hold up well!

    Good luck!
  4. The neverfull is so light & doesnt hurt my shoulder when it is full. Very reasonably priced for such a great designer bag. Large enough for laptop & more.
  5. I like the look of the lockit better but all the vachetta scares me
  6. ITA with this. I also have a Neverfull MM and I love it (im using it this weekend!:heart:) Like peace43 said, dont worry about the thin straps, theyre really tough, I have put all my things for a whole weekend, clothes, makeup, etc., in it once and it held up amazingly!
  7. VL i'm pretty sure you can wear as shoulder too so that would be a pro! and i vote for the VL cause i really like it that it is so versitile
  8. I think the Neverfull GM would be a much better choice. It's large; you'll have enough room for your laptop and other daily essentials. I would however, put something to support the base cuz if you don't, it'll definitely sag. My mom bought a poster board from Walmart; she cut two pieces that are slightly smaller than the base of her Neverfull GM. She then taped both pieces together and placed it at the bottom of her bag. Now, her bag does not sag at all and she carries a ton! Don't worry about the thin handles since they are strong.
  9. Neverfull GM because it's roomy and practical, and less vachetta.
    And dont let the thing straps scare you, it's a very comfy bag!
  10. Neverfull GM!

    It is a great bag! It hold up pretty well. I love the way it crumbles when you wear it, so I don't mind the sagging of the bottom, I like it. And it is really comfy, the straps are very strong and they are not at al uncomfortable.
    Hope this helps!
  11. Vertical Lockit :tup:
  12. personally i'd go for the lockit H if you're comparing to the Neverful GM.
    You will have the benefits of the Lockit V but less digging, your laptop will fit and it will go over your shoulder.
  13. neverfull gm.
  14. Neverfull GM!
  15. i really likc the vertical lockit the best.