Neverfull GM VS Speedy 30 (Damier Ebene)

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  1. Neverfull would be a good choice.. but i like speedy too... ;)
  2. I have a Speedy 30 and I love it! So, I hope you get the Speedy too! Good luck!
  3. Go with the speedy 30 first
  4. I vote for speedy is a great summer bag, it's handheld and easy. Then maybe get the neverfull in winter when we have to go back to wearing coats and jackets :sad: and want to keep our hands in our pockets! Good luck with your decision!
  5. i finally decided, i went for a speedy 30 damier ebene, its more like me, since i have got some shoulders problems i dont think carrying Neverfull GM will do me any good!
  6. Congratulations on your decision! Enjoy your new bag!
  7. Thank you :smile: I'm happy with my new bag, apart from husband complaining " another bag?! You must be crazy " type thing, I think I've made a right decision :smile: didn't want to go for a mono cos it's too many out there, Damier ebene suits me best :smile: