Neverfull GM VS Speedy 30 (Damier Ebene)

  1. this is a hard decision for me to pick just one! I have never had an LV bag before but recently I've been thinking about getting one, here comes the problem, I cant really decide which one to buy between Damier Ebene Neverfull GM and Damier Ebene Speedy 30 (or 35)!!! I normally use my Gucci and Burberry and oh my little Fendi small bag, but i'm thinking about getting a little present for myself so tell me what you guys think! so I can take all of your opinions to consider the pros and cons :smile:

    thank youuuu!!!
  2. I had the same dilemma and ended with the speedy... it comes down to what its for...

    Neverfull: doesnt close all the way. Shoulder bag. Gorgeous lining.

    Speedy: Timeless. Zips closed. (And a speedy never gets full either) Try them on. good luck:flowers:
  3. That was me few months ago I didn't know if I wanted speedy or NF as my 1st LV. I ended up with the speedy 30in the ebene and a month later I had the NF. I guess it's more about you want a hand held or shoulder bag?

    Good luck
  4. Two totally different purses. I want a Neverfull but am uncomfortable with no zipper. I have the speedy and it is so timeless and classic (I have the mon mono though which is fab) and its easy to carry and fits all my stuff. Get both. I would get the zipper purse first then the no zip. Just me though.
  5. I would have to say go withe the speedy first since its classic, but if you like shoulder bags you can't go wrong with a neverful IMO.:smile:
  6. speedy first, later neverfull
  7. I had a DE Speedy 30 and sold it a few months ago because although the Speedy is classic, I just got tired of seeing it everywhere I went. I just got the DE NF GM and I really love it! It's common, but not nearly as common as the speedy.
  8. I have the DE Speedy 30 and the DE Neverfull MM and I must say... I love love love my Speedy more! I do like handheld bags more but the NF is very convenient whenever I'm traveling!
  9. get the speedy
  10. thank you to all you guys for the opinions, I am a lil more into the speedy more than NF at this moment, the zip thingy was my kind of concern, in case im traveling in the tube is not really ideal to put valuable things inside, lots of pickpocket here in London! :S i've got another problem tho, if I go for the speedy, which one should I go for? 30 or 35? my heart is telling me 30 but due to lots of ppl think 35 is handy too, im sooooo confused!
  11. Speedy all the way!! :speedy:
  12. To start I'd get a 30 in whatever print you like. You can't really go wrong with a 30. It's rare to run out of space. However, you pretty much always have plenty of room in a 35. I DE 30 is my go to bag when it's raining. It has really been beaten up by me and still looks new, years later :biggrin:
  13. thank you for your reply, I'm starting to set my mind on 30, I like D E more than monogram, do you use a base shaper with ur speedy? I just don't like the look of saggy speedy!
  14. I don't use a base shaper on any of my bags. If you don't like the saggy look you probably won't like the 35. When the 30 is full it's really not too saggy. I'm sure you'll be very happy with the 30 and in DE, it's a timeless, durable, classic bag!! :biggrin:

  15. sounds like a plan now! :smile: I might get the 2nd handed one tho, im pretty easy to get bored of stuff so I'm not sure if I'd go for the brand new one, it's quite hard to find a nice 2nd handed one, dont really want to buy it from eBay it can be a dodgy place to buy them! :S