NEVERFULL gm VS mm - Speedy 30 vs 35

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  1. Does anyone have pics of these side by side? Preferably wearing them. I want to see how much difference there is in size.

  2. I think the best thing to do might be to go to and check out the measurements of each of the might give you a better idea of the actually sizes better than pictures. I have a speedy 30 and a 35 and there is a pretty substantial difference in there size, at least it seems that way to me. The speedy 35 is definitely a big bag. Sorry no pics! I don't own an NF so I can't help you there. Hopefully someone will post some pics for you!
  3. I "tried on" both the MM and GM NF in a LV store today. The MM is much more like a purse, and the GM is like a tote or a carry-on bag. No pics, but I hope that helps...
  4. i have the neverfull in the mm size...perfect IMO...and I prefer the speedy 30!!!
    sorry no pics...but HTH!!!:biggrin:
  5. I have no pics either but I prefer the NF GM and Speedy 35. Mostly because I like big bags in general.
  6. I have both the NF GM and the Speedy 35...I love big bags so you def have to also for either of these...I found the biggest difference between the 30 and 35 is on the 35, you can open the bag and actually see into the entire bag- on the 30, the opening isnt as wide. And I agree, the GM is more tote and the MM is more purse. GL...
  7. in my OP:

    depending how tall you are/your purpose for this bag... I have the MM, just right size for me;)

    Great bag tho...:graucho:
  8. The rose is a 30 and there is a 25 and 35 on either size. I think 30 is a perfect size for a bag - I use my 35 during the week when I carry everything with me!

    The third pic is a mc 30 next to a 35. I think the mc 30 is a little bigger than a mono 30.

    Sorry no neverfull comparisons. The mm is really a purse and the gm is tote bag size. I personally prefer the gm and carry it during the summer. I am plus size and the mm's straps do not fit easily over my ear.

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    MM vs GM

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    modeling pics of gm vs mm. both on me..i'm 5'6"

    nf gm


    nf mm

    mm cinched

    as for speedy, i only have 30, but here's a modeling pic for size ref on 5'6":
  11. You girls rock! Thank you, this helps me so much!! :smile:
  12. Great thread
  13. For your NF choice, I would suggest the GM. Yes it is big. But you have all the room you need and its not compulsory to fill it up to the brim everytime! When you need it to be smaller, just clinch the sides. The MM you are limited to the space available. The GM is a great bag! The MM is too "handbag-ish" in my opinion, whereas the GM has a wow factor!
  14. I'm so glad I found this thread.....I'm struggling between ordering the GM & the MM. Right now I have the Delightful PM and I like the size. That being said....the measurements of the GM sound like it would be comparable. But looking at the photos of the MM and GM above........I'm wondering if the measurment of 15.7 on the GM is of the base or the top opening of the bag. It looks like the top is quite a bit larger than the base. I'd like which ever size is comparable to the Delightful PM. I like a purse feel more than a huge tote, as I don't carry that much inside. But I also don't want it to be too small. The MM is about 4" not as wide as the Delightful PM. I'd think I'd want the GM, but I don't want to look like I'm carrying a tent under my arm either. I live 7 hours from the nearest LV store (it's even in another state!) So, the chance of me going to the store to try them on is nil. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  15. I'd go for the gm!! I'm only 5 feet....okay fine I'm 4'11and 3/4 lol:roflmfao: ...but I don't think the gm looks bad at all I looovveeee it so much more than my mm (which I just sold today btw) I don't have and have never tried on the delightful pm but I'd assume it's closer to the mm size. I love the gm and never felt that it was too big! Plus clinching it makes a big difference in the size, I think. Good luck w ur choice!!