Neverfull GM question

  1. Do you think the Neverfull GM looks too big to use as an everyday bag?
  2. I tried it on and it was huge, but then again I am 5'1.
  3. I'm 5'4" and I was all set on getting the GM until I saw it in person. I didn't even have to "try it on" to realize it would be a little too big for me, so I the next choice and i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her :smile:
  4. I think it's only best to use when traveling.. :hrmm:
  5. I think the pm /mm is perfect. I think the gm to me is more like a over night or work bag.
  6. i got a neverfull GM....well to me it alrite maybe i'm big size... opps lol well you go to try then you will noe :yes:
  7. i use mine at a overnight bag!!!
  8. this is how much that bag will hold..


    The bag is HUGE!
  9. agree with bag fetish the GM can hold alot of stuff in it compare to my cabas mezzo but i still like both!!!:yes:
  10. I have the same question concerning the GM. All of the modeling pics I have seen have such tiny women doing the modeling. I'm 6'0", so I'm thinking with my frame I could pull off the GM. I don't like tiny little makes me feel like I'm carrying my 7 year olds purse.

    I just don't know which size to choose either....the PM is definitely out for me.
  11. Even the Neverfull PM turned out to be bigger than I thought it would be. I can only imagine the GM is gigantic. I agree with the others that it's probably better as a travel/overnight bag.
  12. I love those pictures up there! Gorgeous and what things they hold! I'm 5'7" and am definitely getting the Damier Neverfull GM when it comes out. I love big bags and all they hold! will be exclusively used for work, grocery shopping, and travelling!
  13. The GM is huge! Go for the PM or MM!!
  14. I think it is big, but if you want to carry it everyday then go for it!
  15. i tried on all three sizes, and the GM is HUGE... besides, it doesn't have zippers so as an overnight bag, it kinda sucks!!

    MM, however is the PERFECT SIZE