Neverfull GM or Saleya GM

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  1. Any advice on which one to get? I found a gorgeous Saleya GM, but never owned it before. Wondering if anyone could share their thoughts. Thank you.
  2. Personally I think the Neverfull GM looks much nicer. Also the thinner handles on the Neverfull will probably stay better on the shoulder.
  3. Saleya is gorgeous and much more unusual than the NF!
  4. I have the saleya mm and also have the neverfull. I use my saleya everyday for work. Nice tote, zips, opens wide, nice interior pockets and looks great. I can use it as an arm bag and looks very nice.

    I like the neverfull but it is very common so I don't really use it especially since I have the saleya and other bags to use.

    Saleya is a much nicer bag and I don't have problems keeping it on but the shoulder though at times it may slide off. However neverfull straps can hurt if I fill it too much.
  5. Saleya