Neverfull GM or MM

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  1. I'm just wondering is the neverfull GM size too overpowering?
    I'm an average build at about 5'2 and am considering the neverfull but would like it in the GM size to be a little different. I was thinking of cinching it in if I do get it in this size however I am uncertain if I am going to regret this decision and better off with the MM...

    Either way I would like to cinch it if i get it as I think it gives it a different look since the neverfull is such a popular style but I feel if i get the MM, being cinched it may become too small..

    Can anyone around this height show me some mod pics of it cinched in the GM if possible?

    And the last dilemma... which print is the best for the neverfull? I really want to get the azur but am afraid of what the darkened vachetta of the leather would look like with such a light coloured bag in the distant future......
  2. Im about 5'1 and i have the neverful mm both in mono n de, i think the gm would be way too big for you.. I would advise you to try both sizes in the store.Goodluck deciding
  3. hi OP, i'm 5'3" and i carry a DE GM NF, i usually have it cinched when i'm not carrying as much. for you, i would recommend the MM in Mono or DE, it's more suitable for your frame. but either way, do try both sizes out to get a feel for them.
  4. I think you will have more options with the GM. :yes:
  5. I am 5'6 and I love the MM size.
  6. I'm 5'6 and I have both...GM mono which I like for travel and can cinch. I have the MM in DE and I love it for's a great size. The MM looks too small cinched IMO.
  7. Same dilemma as you ! I posted somewhere else about the fact that I saw someone on TV who is probably taller than 5'2, and the GM looked ridiculously huge on her !!! It was not cinched, though.

    Cinched I don't think it would look too big at all. I like the uncinched look of the MM. I still think about all the space the GM has as opposed to the MM. If you're going to keep it cinched, I think the GM should be just fine for you, plus you'll have the extra room.
  8. I'm 5'9 and I think the GM is way to huge on me. After I get my artsy, I think ill end up getting the NF in MM ( DA print). GM is the the true reflection of the neverfull name because I can Never fill it up :biggrin:
  9. I am 5'7" and the MM is perfect. I still can't think of how to fill it so I never bought. Wish they had longer handles for the pm bc that's the size I need
  10. I'm 5'9 and the MM worked well for me...I exchanged it for the GM a day before price increase...idk I wish I would have kept the mm Now but made my decision and have to roll with it. IMO the mm is more like a purse and can be worn comfortably everyday. The GM just seemed like a better deal for the price and size... the gm can be sinched in, if you like it that way and looks great (like the mm's size). The mm is a great width the GM completely open imo can be overpowering. I personally don't like to wear it like sinched in and this is why I have to say MM for everyday and GM for Travel or everyday sinched in or if you just like big bags or carry lots of stuff. Good Luck!
  11. I think you should go for the gm, if its too big you can synch it in :smile:
  12. GM, I tend to favor larger bags:smile:
  13. I'm 5'2" also and have the MM in de. I love it to pieces. Sorry no mod shots cause I'm at work and my neverfull is at home sleeping.
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395086365.477853.jpg
    These are a few pics of my NF GM, I'm 5'3. I'll try to get some cinched...
  15. I'm 5'2" and have included a mod shot with my NF GM in DA below. I also have the NF MM in DE, but sometimes I find myself wishing I got the GM since you can use it for travel and for work (holds a laptop, paper files, etc). I usually cinch the sides on the GM, which makes it less cumbersome.

    BJTaylor02 on youtube has an AWESOME video comparing the MM and GM sizes. Ultimately, they're both great bags and either way you can't make a bad decision. The totes are so versatile, you're going to love it! I'd say get the DE since it's waterproof

    Good luck deciding!

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