Neverfull GM or MM??

  1. I want to purchase a neverfull, but am debating between the GM and MM models. I am rather petite, 5'4'' and 105 lbs. I know I definitely want something larger than the PM model, but am not sure whether the GM will be too large. I want something that I could eventually be able to use as a baby bag in the future as well. Does anyone have any pictures of you carrying the GM or MM? It's hard to get an aspect of the true size of these. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I'm petite too! I'm 5'2" and weigh approx 90lbs (42kg)
    I like the GM.. cos I love oversized totes.. with the sides cinched up, GM looks nicer than the MM.. I think MM is quite a weird size , like neither here nor there.. But that's just me.
  3. I prefer the MM myself. I think the GM is too big.
  4. I have the MM and its a pretty good size.. and nothings weird about it they are just diffrent sizes..
    I think you should try both and see which one you need more!
  5. i prefer the MM too. think the GM is wayyy too big.
  6. i think you should get the MM. The GM is too big for my taste and I dont like how the bag seems extra floppy because of its big size.
  7. gm is way too big and i think neverfull looks the best when the sides are not cinched..
  8. I vote for the MM too, it's a perfect size, you can put lots of things in it! GM is too big IMO.
  9. i think the GM will be too big for you. MM will look gorgeous on you though! ;)
  10. I totally agree although the GM is better as a diaper or beach bag down the road if you don't have enough in it it seems too floppy.

    I vote for the MM...I love my MM neverfull!!
  11. I am petite too (5'2" and 110 pounds). I LOVE BIG BAGS!!! I would go for the GM, especially if you plan to use it as a baby bag in the future. I also think more people have the MM so the GM is a little more unique.
  12. I'm the same height and weight as you and I prefer the MM.
  13. I have the MM and love it... my brother's girlfriend has the GM... she likes it but thinks it's too big... she regrets not getting the MM.
  14. GM, go all the way. Plus, this way when you're shopping you won't have to take bags from the store and you can help the environment. Well, it depends how much you shop and carry, but i shop a lot and hate to take shopping bags, and find that i run out of room in my batignolles vert or speedy 30.
  15. If you are thinking or eventually using it as a baby bag, then I'd go with GM. I have both sizes but only use the GM as a tote to carry my junk to work and an overnight bag. The MM that I have is a better everyday bag imo, I just don't use it as often because it's the MOCA version.