Neverfull GM or MM

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  1. hi Guys,

    I haven't seen this in person yet but know that I will buy one or the other. Can someone share the dimensions for each? or how much bigger is the GM to the MM in person? Thanks so much.
  2. I didn't look at the GM because I knew it would be too big for me. The MM is about the same size as the BH when it is cinched up.
  3. The GM is HUGE! I would recommend it more for traveling. I think the MM is a nice size for everyday use and would say it's equivalent to the Batignolles Horizontal or the Hampstead MM.
  4. Mm !!!!!
  5. MM for sure!
  6. i think the MM is a good everyday size, the GM is really quite large.
  7. I'd go with the MM
  8. I agree with peace. GM is HUGE! It would be good for travelling. It really looks like a beach tote, but I wouldn't take LV to the beach lol. MM is more of an everyday bag.
  9. Thanks everyone. I'm going to get the GM b/c I log lots of crap to work. I'll get the MM for mommy.
  10. Mm
  11. MM!Im wearin the MM size today....its big..but the GM is WAY too big..even for me!Ill try to post a pic of me carryin it for you tonight,Im 5'6..its perfect sizewise for me!
  12. I just called my SA at NM to ask her to get me the biggest one (whichever that one is) to keep in my car full of diapers, bottles and random baby stuff....I will also use it to go to the pool!
  13. i'll definitely go for MM, its the perfect size..
  14. Then you'll want the GM size! Just don't drop the bag in the pool! J/K
  15. So would you say the MM is like a Mezzo size and the GM size is an Alto?