Neverfull GM: Mono or DE?

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Mono or DE

  1. Mono

  2. DE

  1. Hello! I am about to start pharmacy school in a couple of months so I thought I would treat myself to a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM to use as a purse, but also as a tote to carry my laptop and books to class. I have my eye on the classic Monogram, but also the DE. They're both so gorgeous, but I want to make sure that it holds up over time and daily wear. I've heard that the DE is more durable, as it's treated, but I also heard that the straps crack. Is this still an issue?

    I would love to hear your opinions and the pros and cons on both the Mono vs. DE!
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  2. I love my NF in DE and haven’t had any issues with the straps to date, but it’s only a few months old.

    I personally would not use this bag for textbooks and a laptop on a daily basis; I’d choose a backpack to carry that kind of weight. I’d be concerned about regularly carrying that heavy a load on the straps, and also your shoulder.

    I use my MM NF to carry any work files (minimal) and my spiral notebook in addition to my personal items. I’ve only added a laptop a couple of times and didn’t find it ideal for that putrposr. It’s just too much weight on straps that are not really designed for it (IMO). I’d be concerned about wearing out the bag prematurely.
  3. I sold my de gm bc the straps hurt my shoulder. I might go with the mono since the straps are softer but then you may have to be more careful bc of the vachetta.
  4. I have read that the Totally was very popular as a college bag, it has wider straps, zips etc. You would have to get one pre-loved though as they are discontinued I think:
    The NF GM is a great size but the straps are thin, I wouldn't want to carry lots of really heavy stuff in it daily.
    Another option is the new tote the All-In which has thick straps and a zipper top:
  5. I would agree with the others that this bag would not be comfortable with what you want to carry in it on a daily basis. There also are too many variables when you are in school, such as where you would leave the bag if you have to visit patients in the hospital, etc. Personally, I would suggest a Longchamp Le Pliage in nylon for everyday use since it would be easy to clean and is still a classic bag . Then if you want to get an LV, if you do not have one, get something smaller that you can carry on your off days. Having said that, the DE would certainly look newer longer and be durable. I have had the DE MM NF for almost a year with no issue. I am not sure what year this started with DE, but they did change the leather on these bags so that it is more pliable, which seems to not crack as easily.
  6. Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it! I actually already own a Le Pliage and I love it, but I find that I can't fit as much into it as I'd like. The more reviews and replies that I read, I do think that I would steer away from carrying a laptop in it and save that for a backpack due to the strain on the shoulders. Do you like the MM size? What draws me towards the GM size is the cinching and the more relaxed look of the bag, but I'm afraid it may be too large. Thanks so much!
  7. I love the MM for daily wear, but I do not carry a lot. I could sleep in the GM, however, lol. Some love the GM, especially cinched, but I like my MM carried as a tote. I think you will need to try them on to really know or watch the tons of videos on youtube which i am sure are on there.
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  8. Love this! :lol: I think the GM would be great for travel, but I agree as more of an everyday bag the MM size is perfect.
    I have the Neverfull MM in DE and I love the classic look to it. For some reason I think that the monogram looks better in the GM size because of the how flexible the Vachetta is. It seems easier to cinch it without the leather feeling so stiff. I don't really cinch my bag anymore because it is starting to show obvious creases and wear so I don't want to progress it any further.

    Final answer: Neverfull GM in mono if the larger size is what you are wanting right now.
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  9. After a hate/ love relationship with my NF Mm, I decided to buy the GM in mono. BEST DECISION ever! I don’t carry a lot ( is ridiculous how tiny all my things look in my NF), but I love the slouchiness ( if that is even a word), the way my arm hangs on the bag, how carefree it looks, and just the look of it cinched. I hesitated for so long; watched many, many You Tube videos, and just took 5 yrs to decide. I can’t tell you how happy I’m with this bag. I just find the MM too small when cinched. I’m using it as an everyday bag. And by the way, I’m 5’3 . I don’t think it looks big on me, and if it does, I don’t care. :cool:
  10. I have the NF GM in Mono and DE. I am 5’6” for reference. I love them both, and I’ve always carried large bags and totes. I have carried my 9.7” iPad several times in both, but I would not carry my laptop for fear of too much strain on the shoulders and the straps. However, I carry my laptop in my backpack when I need too. The GM size works great for me when shopping, traveling, and everyday use. Even though I carry quite a bit in my NF including an organizer, the Mono is softer and more flexible, although I have strap covers for both which makes it more comfortable for me on the shoulders, (see pic).
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  11. Vachetta is more durable than DE leather if treated well and ages more gracefully. Vachetta is also better for cinching.
  12. I purchased my DE NF gm in January planning to carry my 3.5 lb laptop in it daily. I've found it to be too heavy on a daily basis. Occasionally it is ok to carry with all the weight, like if traveling on a plane.

    I have also been cinching the sides (without the laptop in it) and the treated leather isn't "cracking" but it is wrinkling.
  13. Delightful or Graceful is a better option, or the palm springs backpack
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