Neverfull GM/MM as work bag?

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  1. I wish I could take my NF to work, but I work in a clinical lab setting and my locker is tiny :sad:
  2. Would a 15" MacBook fit in a MM?
  3. I use my Neverfull MM as a workbag or now that I'm going back to school, I use it as a school tote. You can put everything in it and that's why I love it
  4. The 15" would fit without a sleeve, though it's a little snug!
  5. I use my mm mono neverfull for daily work and i carry water, 2 yogurts, bento, organizer, 2 phones, paperwork, make up bag, card holder and checkbook. It is never cinched. I also have the totally mm that also holds all this stuff plus side pockets are useful (but it gets heavy). I love this tote for the lightness and plan to get the gm in de since ive been using mm everyday without rotation. I think i will replace the straps soon...she deserves it! I feel you can always cinch this gm if necessary. I think de is so awesome for polished suits. Im always eyeing people carrying the gm de. Ive heard older models have peeling im buying new.

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  6. Which bag would you say you like more for a work bag? I’m considering the mm for work but not sure it will fit a laptop and lunch box
  7. I use the MM for work and love it! Using an original club insert, I can fit a ridiculous amount of stuff, including my Surface laptop. In the pockets where I have my glasses and portable charger you could put a water bottle, and in the middle section you could squeeze a lunch bag. I usually just rest my lunch bag on top of everything until I get to my desk at work.
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  8. Bag twin! Favorite color twin! I have many of your items.
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  9. I use my GM all the time. I have a Samorga in it and it keeps everything separate and organized. I’ll even bring a smaller purse in it when I don’t feel like carrying the whole bag along
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  10. I just got the MM and am struggling with space constraints for a 13 inch Dell for work.
  11. Using the Neverfull MM as a work bag but can’t seem to find an organizer that would hold my 13 inch laptop. Does anyone have one they would recommend?
  12. It can hold the weight but the 13 inch Dell is much heavier then the Mac Book Air.
    It may stretch the handles out and cause the glazing to crack. That’s what happened to mine and when I brought it to LV for repair they did tell me it’s from carrying too much weight.
    Since the bag was less then a year old they replaced the Chaps and the straps free of charge but told me I would have to pay for the repair the next time.
    So of course I didn’t listen because I’m thick headed and continued to use the bag for work and now the straps look terrible again and the bag has been sitting in its dust bad in my closet for over a year now
  13. I just bought the GM DE for work because I could not fit my personal stuff, laptop and iPad into my Mono MM. I hope my straps don’t crack. I don’t carry a laptop everyday at least, but overtime I’m worried about the wear and tear. That being said maybe consider the mono or DA if you are worried about cracking straps.
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  14. Thanks :smile: I actually collect LE NF - I’m waiting for the next Mono LE - hopefully they release one in spring. I don’t use them for work anymore - I just use the longchamps for work now.