Neverfull GM/MM as work bag?

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  1. Love your rose ballerine organizer! What brand is it?

  2. It's by purse to go. Got it on eBay. It was about 28 bucks and shipped fast.
  3. I work at a secondary/high school, so not appropriate for me to carry mine in my field of work. If I worked in the corporate world, I'd carry it without hesitation.
  4. AAAAAH. Love that mint colour! And your items even match the interior of your bag! :loveeyes:
  5. Just wondering, how are you finding the Rose Ballerine interior so far? Especially with regards to stains?

  6. I love it! It's so nice for this time of year especially with the azur print. I was worried about stains/marks when I first got it but with the organizer protecting the inside I don't worry anymore!
  7. Mm is more than enough sufficient to be the best workhorse
    Worth every penny
  8. Do the straps pinch if the bag loaded up though?
  9. Do you carry lunch meals in your Neverfull?

  10. I don't. I have a large lunch tote by Rachel Ray that looks like a bag, fits my lunch, breakfast and snacks with a drink. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464741585.099796.jpg
  11. So you'll have to carry 2 bags to work?
  12. When I pack my lunch yes, days I don't I put my granola bar and water in my NF. The GM size may be able to carry everything you need for work including your lunch but I would definitely be careful
  13. Yeah I believe that.. Its kinda scary. Just the same as using it as a diaper bag. Lol!
  14. A lot of young women seem to use the neverfull as their work bag. I mainly see mono.
  15. Thank you! I will check it out ;)