Neverfull GM/MM as work bag?

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  1. Can this really be a work bag?
  2. Absolutely. Why not?? I used to use my neverfull mm everyday as my work bag.
  3. I use my MM everyday- GM If I need to travel to NYC for the day by train- great bags
  4. I use my DE GM as my everyday purse/bag. Have a purse organizer too as I tend to carry a lot of stuff.
  5. I use both my mono MM and DE GM as daily work bags.
  6. #6 May 30, 2016
    Last edited: May 30, 2016
    This is the MM size. Hope this helps you. Packed for work tomorrow with my file expand folder, water, make up bag, pouch, sunglasses, my huge Erin condren planner and more.
  7. Are the prints just ok in the corporate?
  8. I recently got a Mono MM and I use mine for work every day. I am a Kindergarten Teaching Assistant. It's usually a tote for work and then gets cinched for the rest of the day when my work items are out. Wonderful flexibility.
  9. Depends what kind of corporate area you're in... I work at a corporate head office for a luxury brand so my neverfull blends in well. The MM size is perfect :smile:
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  10. I use my DE GM as a school and travel tote so yes, it could definitely be used for work as well, especially in a professional setting or if you have to carry a lot such as a laptop and documents.
  11. I work at a large law firm in Philadelphia so yes, it fits into the corporate world.
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  12. The Neverfull MM can fit a crazy amount of items for work. I can still fit my 13 inch MacBook Air if needed.

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  13. I am currently using my NF MM as a work bag! just the perfect size.
  14. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that turquoise is your favourite colour :giggles: