Neverfull GM in my elux cart

  1. PM me if you want to do the catch and release dance with me :p:graucho::roflmfao:
  2. oh BTW- it's $665 and has free shipping with their promo EDGE-

    awesome- wish I had the moola!
  3. OMG!!!! I want...!! Too bad.. US only :crybaby:
  4. girl- that sucks- they need to expand their service areas!!
  5. releasing it to the tigers!
  6. I didn't know it sold out on elux !!
    But they update stock pretty quickly...
  7. Who caught it? Anyone here?
  8. I thought it doesn't matter if its in your cart. If someone else goes through with the purchase then you try to buy it (even if its in your cart), it'll say out of stock and won't go through.
  9. I can't decide between the MM and the GM... I really want a hapmsted MM too. I think I may wait to get the neverfull until next year!
  10. i did a live chat the other day re: the neverfull gm on elux ... they expect more to be in stock soon, but no information on date (which is to be expected). can anyone elicit a guess? or maybe know when? everything else that i have purchased on elux has been in stock so this is the first time i've run into an out-of-stock item. I wish that i had more time and could drive 2 hrs to the nearest LV boutique!
  11. Damn you, elux, why won't you ship down here to us Antipodeans??? *waggles fist* [​IMG]
  12. really Frankie- they lose so much not allowing buyers from your region of the globe.


    but- FYI- got another GM in my cart- haha!! I swear it's always between 1 an 2 am that they restock online- and that's AKST.
  13. They lose so much simply by not allowing me, hahahaaa! But my credit cards thank them for it. :sweatdrop: