Neverfull GM in damier or mono, which one do you like?

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Damier or mono neverfull GM?

  1. Damier

  2. Mono

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm looking at the neverfull GM for school but i don't know in what print. Should i be patient and get the damier or the mono. I know the damier isn't out yet but wich one do you think is nicer?
  2. mono
  3. mono
  4. Monogram.
  5. I like the Damier because of the low maintance. you don't have to worry about whether or not you get it wet or the patine. I think for school Damier is the choice.
  6. tough call...damier
  7. damier.. i'm not much of a mono fan anymore =/
  8. I can't wait til it comes out in Damier! I am torn between that and Azur, but I think by the time it comes out, I will want Damier because we will be heading into New England winter time, and I will absolutely not be able to carry anything with vachetta b/c New England stinks. LOL.
  9. i want to see what the damier one looks like. i wish they would release photos of it!
  10. Wait for damier.
  11. Mono
  12. I would imagine that I would like it better in Damier
  13. I'm going for the Azur that comes out next year.
  14. im confused:confused1: now on which to get i LVOE da mono neverfull MM as it is great for everthing even to college but da whole it being better if it where for college or work in damier is sought of making it a little hard but understandable but ill just wait till da damier comes out and compare the both and then choose which one.
  15. mono