Neverfull gm for files/study/college?

  1. I am really loving the neverfull gm and i'm wondering if it works as a college bag. Because there is no dividation i'm wondering if everythings stays upward if you know what i mean. I would love to hear your expereance/see pictures
  2. yes it will be a very cute collage bag. you can also see pictures at clud house threat...
  3. i had the PM,MM and GM......Lol i sold all of them after 1 month...:p

    My comments abt this bag.....
    PM : cute small shoulder bag ! less sagging and the long thin straps at both side are useless !!!
    MM : perfect size for a shoulder bag ! sag a little and again both thin straps at the side are useless !
    GM : nice size for use as a shopping bag ! but it SAG heavenly :push: ,so i purchased the ''base shaper'' from eBay and no more SAGGING !,as for the thin know the story ......:sweatdrop:
  4. ^^^Wow, great info, thanks!
  5. I think I want a neverfull for college too, seems perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe even the MM (I don't carry that much surprisingly for college)
  6. IMO the BH or BV would be more practical with it's thicker shoulder straps and interior pockets.

  7. i have the bh but it's way too small. It's more are weekend bag for me.
  8. Hmm, I'm not sure, wouldn't the thin straps be painful if the bag is filled with heavy college books?
  9. IMHO it wouldn't work. The GM sags quite a bit so it'll look pretty weird with all your books, papers, etc. inside. Also I was thinking the same thing Serayane was thinking...unless you don't carry around textbooks ever it wouldn't be a very good choice.
  10. You could also buy a baseshaper for the Neverfull GM to keep the bottom from sagging. Look on eBay or you can make your own version by cutting out corrugated cardboard (several pieces) into the rectangular shape of the inside of the Neverfull to prevent sagging.
  11. i have the base-shaper and it really works ! no more SAGGING :okay:
    i cant wait for the Damier Neverfull to release......:rolleyes:
  12. My SA told me that it can hold upto 200lbs. The only downside according to her is that the straps are thin and will dig into your skin (especially if you don't wear a jacket/sweatshirt in the summertime or warmer weathers).

    I agree with Karman about the GM sagging too.
  13. Definitely does.. I see it on campus from time to time. Very popular.