Neverfull GM as an everyday bag?

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  1. I have searched, viewed pictures, & read the forums for 2 days straight trying to decide if I should order the Neverfull MM or GM as an everyday bag, I still cant decide! What do you think of the GM as an everyday bag? Is it just TOO big?

    Would the GM work for me? Or should I go with the MM? I am 5'8 130lbs. I do not have a LV store near me to see for myself :sad: Does anyone about my height have a picture carrying either of them?

    I can't wait to order from!
  2. If you like big bags I'd get the GM!
  3. I think you should go for the GM. When the sides are tucked in, I think its perfect for everyday. Holding like a make up case, wallet, etc, also maybe a magazine, or school stuff. The the sides arent tucked in, its good for the beach! and as an overnighter

  4. Do you think it looks too big with the sides out? Im not loving it with the sides tucked in (at all).
  5. There is a picture of Paris Hilton in the Celebrites and their LVs thread wearing the GM without the sides tucked in!
  6. It looks bigger than her in that picture lol but in some of the pictures where TFers are holding it, it looks normal! Sure would be nice to have a store near me.
  7. How lucky you are to be tall enough to wear either of them! All of the Neverfulls hold a TON of stuff, so probably either would work fine. It's too bad you can't try them on IRL. The GM is HUGE! Way too big for me, as I'm 5'2". Even the MM was really big, but the PM wouldn't fit on my shoulder. How tall is Paris? There's a pic of her with a GM.
  8. I think it looks funny empty with the sides untucked. Ive seen girls with them untucked, and like its all limp and ehhhh. I think if you like the look of it untucked, you should go for the MM. I think the MM untucked, will hold the same as the GM tucked.

    I have a St. Louis Goyard tote in the GM, and I pinned the sides tucked in. It looks good ;]
  9. I was at my LV boutique yesterday and tried on both the Neverfull GM and MM. I'm 5'7" and normally a size 4 or 6. (Am 7 mos pregnant, so am a bit larger than that now!)

    The GM with the sides tucked in was perfect on me. The MM with the sides out was a bit blah IMHO. I also tried the Monty GM, and am now trying to decide between the Neverfull and Monty... decisions, decisions.

    The SA told me that a lot of ladies carry the GM as an everyday bag, and he even recommended it as a diaper bag. (Hmmmm, guess my baby bump is pretty obvious these days!)

    I'd vote for the GM given your height. You can definitely pull it off.
  10. Hello! I would use the MM as an everyday purse, I know many that do. I personally use the GM as a tote for work or travel. It fits my lunch, books, sweater, shoes to switch at work and regular purse if I need my hands free. Let us know what you decide.
  11. I've used my Neverfull GM as an everyday bag for months and I'm only 5'2''. The MM just didn't POP on me. I'd go for the GM!
  12. i do the same i have a gm and am only using it for travel now..i am going to buy a mm for everyday.. im 5'8 130lbs too.. the gm sometimes feels too big for everyday, even though i love big bags it just kind of overwhelms me.but if u have to carry alot for work or school daily i would get the gm
  13. I have the MM and it is plenty big for me.
  14. i have the gm but i have a lot of stuff to hold most times due to having a kid. if ur single or no kids, then i think the mm is good. :biggrin:
  15. I use my GM everyday- some days it is my purse other days it is my diaper bag, travel bag, computer bag etc. I really love it and it looks great. I am 5'10" size 8.
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