Neverfull GM and Purseket

  1. Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone had pictures of the Neverfull GM with a Purseket. I wanted to buy one off eBay and wanted to see what it looks like when placed inside the purse before I buy. :flowers:TIA!
  2. Oh I'd love to see a pic of that too...would it be hard to cinch it though with one inside?
  3. I have Neverfull GM, and just ordered the large purseket. I will post the picture once I receive the purseket
  4. Great! Can't wait to see it
  5. I had never heard of a Purseket until I joined TPF....where does one buy one?:s

    or look up purseket on eBay - there's a seller named jennycola, I believe, who sells the pursekets as well.

    I have a large purseket for my Neverfull MM.

  7. Wow!! Thanks for this information!