Neverfull for summer and winter???

  1. I am going to be buying a new purse next month. I do like the new looks of the Neverfull but could it be used in the winter too? Many people were saying it was similar to a beach bag?! I haven't seen it in person yet so those of you who have does it look like a multi seasonal purse?:shrugs:
  2. It's definitely multi-seasonal. It looks sort of like a beach tote when the sides aren't cinched, but it's really a great bag all around.
  3. I definitely think it's multi-seasonal too! If youre worried about it looking like a beach tote in the winter, just cinch the sides =)
  4. I just got a neverfull and I plan on using it all year round :smile:
  5. I would use it year round if I got it!
  6. it does have the summer feel to it but hey u paid for it wear it all year long i would :happydance:
  7. It is totally a year round bag.
  8. I love the fact that it's reversable! I can't wait to get it. Lord knows I need another tote (OK, not really, but good ones are irresistable!!)

    Totally multi-season. No doubt.
  9. It's definately a year round bag. I'm not using mine until my bday on Wednesday, but I guarantee that it will now be my everday bag. I love it!
  10. I think its a bag you can use all the time. Being monogram its going to take you from season to season.
  11. If you live in a place where there isn't dramatic climate/precipitation changes, then I think it's okay. If I were to use it here in Canada, I'd be concerned about the snow in the winter :smile:
  12. ^^ I think its like anything other monogram bag/or open top bag.. I used my piano in the winter with no issues.