Neverfull For Men

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  1. Good morning to all!
    First of all I am new to this site, and I really haven't improved my searching skills so far, therefore I don't know if a thread like this has already been posted before, so sorry about that!

    Well I got myself a Neverfull GM last friday, and I simply love it. It is PERFECT for city living since it can hold everything and more. I was just wondering what is everybody's opinions considering I am a guy and I will be using this bag, I really think it doesn't matter and it is a pretty neutral bag since it's shape isn't too feminine, but I haven't really seen any guys using this bag before.

    I was just wondering what are the general opinions.

    Thank a lot!

  2. wow that is fantastic news! its allways nice to hear that guys are using the neverfull! Can you post some pics?? i think it is a great uni-sex bag that everybody can enjoy!
  3. Thank you so much for the prompt reply!
    Yes I sure can post some pictures, I just have to take them first, I'll post them once I get home.

    Thanks again!
  4. Awesome! The neverfull looks like a really useful bag. As long as you love it, that's what counts, apparently lots of guys are carrying them in Paris. Enjoy it! (And post pics :biggrin:)
  5. I love this bag on guys, just as long as the sides are tucked in haha. I think its more masculine that way.
  6. YAY!!! Congrats to you! I am a guy was well! I am 6'7" and I plan to buy the Neverfull GM in the next month or so... I am so excited!

    PLEEEEEASE post pics today!!! I am dying to see them!
  7. I'm jealous! I think the Neverfull GM is a great tote bag! I think it's more appropriate as that than a handbag!IMO!
    ENJOY!!! Post pics!
  8. I'd also like to see modelling pics, how do you carry it? Over the shoulder? I am intrigued lol.
  9. i actually think its a great bag for men since it can go over the shoulder..
  10. I am not him... but here's some pics with me with it! BTW... Congrats for getting one! I LOVE mine! :smile:

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  11. more pics please...i am intrigued:graucho:
  12. Hi guys! Thank you a lot for your replies! I've just arrived from work so I am a bit tired, but I will for sure post the pictures tomorrow.

    I have actually never worn my bag before, I am really over protected of my Louis Vuitton goods, so I have trouble finding the right moment to use it.

    I really did like the new beaubourgs, but I think the Neverfull has mush more room for all my stuff and it looks amazing even when it's empty!

    It is my first tote though, I had never worn a shoulder bag before, it feels weird! hehe and I know that everyone gets the mini pochette accessoires with the Trunks and Bags stamp on it, but when I put that on it it did look feminine, so I bought a regular pochette accessoires and just put it there, and guess what? It does look pretty good! I think you will all enjoy it!

    Thanks once again for all the help!

  13. lst time seen men carrying it. heh heh
  14. glad to see men are feeling more confident to wear women bags!

    though i have mixed feelings. but dont mind me.

  15. I LOVE my Murakami MOCA Neverfull GM and I'm a guy. It looks great on Guys.....although I haven't used it yet, I might just use it soon after reading this thread!

    Thanks guys!