Neverfull Epi Leather opinions

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  1. Hi!

    I'm looking to buy my 2nd LV bag and considering the Neverfull MM in Epi in Indigo or Denim (it's a mix of blue and cream/yellow). I don't see many people talk about the Neverfull in Epi and was wondering if it's just not popular material in this style?

    I'm a mother of 2 elementary school kids, work full time, and in my mid 30's. So I want an every day bag that is durable, functional and unique. I don't gravitate towards the monogram or Damier, so that limits my options. And I'd like to stay within a $2k price point.

    The Epi is super stiff and I feel like it makes the bag look and feel bulkier, like I could knock my kids down if I accidentally swing around with the bag on my arm!

    Should I get the Neverfull in Epi or try something else? Thanks in advance!

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  2. I recently purchased this bag, and I am in love with it. I don't have any kids, so I don't know if you will have the issues that you are concerned with, but I don't worry about knocking into things with it.

    I love the denim, I just felt that it was so me, so just follow your heart on it!
  3. I'm curious what people have to say as I'm also eyeing this bag. I would probably go for black though. I think it looks very Elegant and timeless.
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    That's great to hear! You don't feel like the stiff material makes it too bulky to carry around?

    Have you had any color transfer on your denim Epi? The SA said there may be some color transfer on the denim because of the cream mixed into the pattern.

    Black is also another color I was considering. But I just love the contrasted black leather handles on the denim, it's unique
  5. what do u plan to put in it? i use it for the gym and it JUST fits what i need.
  6. As my every day bag, I would put in my large wallet, large cosmetic bag, snacks / lunch, maybe my laptop (although not sure I should put that much stress on the straps?)

    On weekends it would just be my wallet, cosmetic pouch and sometimes a water bottle / snacks. I typically don't need a large bag on weekends when I'm out with my kids.
  7. I can't speak for a neverfull since I don't have one but for epi leather I can. I have 2 epi leather bags that are 20 years old and they look new, and yes I use them :smile:. They are very durable .
  8. Wow that is amazing! Thanks everyone for your thoughts! I'm excited to try the Epi. I still can't decide if I should get denim, indigo or black.

    The denim is unique and I love the black straps, but the mixture of blue and cream/yellow make it a little hard on the eyes. Also the LV logo in the corner is in black so it stands out a bit.

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  9. I think any epi color you choose will be elegant and classy. Go for it. I agree with you on mono and Damier.
  10. I have the Epi NF in Denim, and I love it!! Goes with so many things/colors, holds a ton, and very durable. Only minor complaint is that it is a bit heavier than canvas NFs, and therefore, even heavier when loaded up. Good luck with your choice!
  11. I have a coquelicot epi neverfull, which I love! It's beautiful, low maintenance, and lightweight. Also, the straps on the epi neverfull are thicker and more sturdy than the straps on the canvas neverfulls. An added bonus is that you don't see many people carrying epi neverfulls!
  12. Thanks ladies! Good to get some positive feedback about the Epi!

    Have you experienced color transfer?
  13. Go for the denim!!!