Neverfull Drawstrings...

  1. Does anyone happen to know what the purpose of the Neverfull drawstrings are for? They don't really close. I feel like cutting them off. Yes...? No...?
  2. there to make the bag smaller you push in the sides of the bag and then tighten the drawstring to keep it closed
  3. don't cut them! i think they look great when they're "drawn".,
  4. Neverfull drawstrings are soo cute. That gives the bag a little character. When I want to make my bag smaller I just cinch up the sides. I usually tie it in one knot to keep it from falling down.
  5. I think they are longer than they have to be, but they are cute!
  6. Okay... I guess I won't cut them. Now I feel like an idiot. Thanks ArmCandy for the pics because I was "cinching" the drawstring too tight. I guess it's just made to take in the corners just a bit. Part of my brain wants the whole top to be sealed as if by a zipper. The top opening is so big that I fear my wallet/items with accidently fall out.
  7. ^^^ You're welcome. I've carrying mine everywhere since yesterday, and I have been carrying it with the drawstrings undone. I like the big opening. I guess I am used to open top bags though.
  8. You can pull them tight and make the bag a little smaller! Don't cut them! If you really hate them, then remove them, but don't CUT them!
  9. i find the drawstrings annoying i may consider cutting them off aswell.
  10. Same here. I just feel like they are too long. :sad:
  11. Interesting! I was worried about the drawstrings sliding down with time.
  12. I believe that's the problem with the neverfull. The side-straps seem to keep on sliding off. I saw some ladies tie the ends together to form a V. But that's their style
  13. I wish the nevefull had snaps on the side like the Hampstead. I was wondering if there was a way to do it (I know LV doesn't modify styles) but I guess a tailor would do it.
  14. Has anyone detached the drawstrings as discussed above? If so, I'd love to know what you thought about it and see how it looks with a modeling pic.