Neverfull drama!

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  1. I'll try to make this rant short... Yesterday I was at the international mall in Tampa fl... I literally counted 30+ Neverfulls, and I lost track of how many speedy' sand other LV bags

    The range of women were from business women, soccer moms, young single girls, and a staggering amount of trash (idk how else to describe it, but everyone has an idea of what trash looks like)... Anyways it got so bad that even my husband stated to point them out.

    I've always loved the Neverfull, my casual kinda throw around bag, but after yesterday I kind of want to sell it. I've heard it referred to as "the basic b*tch bag", which has always bothered me because 1000$ for a bag is anything but basic in my opinion, I work damn hard for my bags & YouTube hasn't helped at all!!

    I know I'm all over the place, I'm just trying to express my annoyance, it's hard for me to enjoy LV at all anymore because it's everywhere, and it clearly doesn't represent class anymore. My husband says to branch out into other brands, has anyone else done this for the same reason??
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  2. Wow.... calling people trash because of what they look like seems a lot less classy than carrying a NF...
  3. @mrsinsyder Thanks for your opinion... The next time I'm walking next to a women with a dress so short and so sheer that even my 7year old niece can point out the color of her thong and bra I'll be sure to have my husband hold the door open for her, since she is obviously a princess.
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  4. Calling people trash because they look or dress a certain way says more about you then it does them.

    I've said this before on another thread about how omnipresent the Neverfull is but I'll say it again because it bears repeating: why would the popularity of an item deter you from wanting to own it? Especially when it isn't the case for things like the iPhone or Starbucks. Seems like everyone prefers those things, so clearly it's too "pedestrian" for you personally? Seeing other people who live a different life than I do or are of a different income bracket than I am (higher and lower) carrying their LV bags doesn't make me want to sell the LV bags I've worked hard to afford, because what other people do or choose to spend their money on doesn't affect how I live my life.

    Branching out to other brands is only going to cause the same concerns, because they are BRANDS whose main objective is to be as omnipresent as possible to make money. Other people can always have what you have. That's the problem with a culture so caught up in having "things."
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  5. She may not be a princess, but she's still a person who, aside from her sartorial choices, really did nothing to deserve your judgment.
  6. Wow. The only thing trashy is your poor attitude and lack of respect towards other women because of how you perceive their profession, lifestyle, or wardrobe.
  7. You are entitled to your own opinion but I am sad that you feel this way. I was expecting this thread to be about how you damaged yours... certainly not this rant on other people. If you want to sell your NF, of course that is your decision to make. I'm sure other LV owners work just as hard as you do to have what they have - no need for the put-downs. We should be supporting each other - the world is such a miserable state right now.
  8. Just because everyone wears the same bag as you that makes them trash? Lol then that makes you one of them since you have one too lol...before purchasing you should have done your research. Was the nf or speedy your first bag? Coz that will be a valid reason for not knowing that that bag is popular. If you love something to heck with other people right? Buy what you love. i hated an episode in my life when I used an eye liner and someone said" oh just because im wearing an eye liner, you do the same" lol dont flatter yourself. It is an eyeliner. Most women use it.
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  9. If it annoys you so much then sell it. I own two Neverfull mm's that I love and don't care that many others own the same bag. That sort of thing never bothers me, but we are all different.
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  10. I'm a 55+ grandmother of three. I take public transportation to pick up the 2 oldest grandchildren at school. Once I wore a top that looked fine in the house light but I had no idea sunlight made the top see through! When I got to the school my grandson told me he could see my bra. I didn't believe him at first then my granddaughter came over and said the same thing. I was so embarrassed! There were a lot of 7 year olds who could have told you what color my bra was. It was a warm day so I didn't have a jacket to cover up my top. I couldn't wait to get home! Sometimes we have wardrobe malfunctions and we're not trying to look (to use your word) trashy.
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  12. I also agree that everyone and their mother has a Neverfull, or at least it seems that way to me. That's what's going to happen when mass production takes over a brand. I definitely see the OP's point, judgement aside. You can definitely apply this logic to other brands, for example, Rolex, BMW, etc. If it seems like everyone has it, does a brand maintain its prestige?
  13. A lot of people from all different walks of life can buy LV now, not just the wealthy. Perhaps you were under the assumption that it was more exclusive than it really is? I think you have to admit to yourself that LV isn't all that special anymore and yes, even "trash" can afford the NF. If you don't like it, sell it. It's just a bag.
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  14. #14 Jul 17, 2016
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    When I read the title it was not what I was expecting for a thread. But, I love my NF regardless of who else owns it. It is a bag that compliments my lifestyle perfectly which is probably why there are so many others that carry it as well. If it bothers you that you feel the brand doesn't represent class any longer, and that's important to you, than I would say sell it.
  15. Holy hell some of you women are WAY to into your feelings!! I was simply stating MY annoyance at the chic with her vagina hanging out having the same bag as me. I do believe it is MY right to feel this way! I will never claim to be above anyone because I'm not, and I'm definitely far from wealthy.
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