neverfull dilemma - opinions please!

which design neverfull?

  • catogram

  • pink escale

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Jun 16, 2010
Hey! So long story short, I sold my catogram neverfull last year but have been regretting it since and on the hunt for another piece to buy.
I found one catogram piece just few days ago, and also notice that the pink escale neverfull is back in stores (hence my dilemma).

Right now I'm thinking of which to purchase. I currently have 1 neverfull in my collection. Truth be told I really dont need another piece but I certainly am itching to buy 1 more. I have a catogram twist, capucines, zippy, micro boite and paname so far. As for escale, i have a mini pochette.

I can match both designs with my wardrobe with ease. Both are priced similarly - so these shall not be considering factors.

Am inserting some pics I got on the net, for reference. Please do tell me what you think!



WhatsApp Image 2020-07-27 at 15.16.36.jpeg
Jun 16, 2010
Do you think the reason that you sold the catogram will be a factor in the future?
This time if I buy it again it will stay in my collection until the day I tell myself I no longer want any of these pieces. Sold it on impulse once due to lack of use, won’t do it again.