Neverfull Date Code Placement - Varying Between Years?


Mrs. Lawson <3
Jul 21, 2008
I've been searching for another Neverfull to use as a diaper bag and I keep seeing bags with the date code placed differently. Trying to be pre-loved so I don't have to worry about screwing it up at all. Sometimes it is horizontal and sometimes it is vertical. I have a DE MM that I bought at Bloomies and my date code is vertical (2011). Seems to me it would have to be vertical because the pocket is sewn in where the exterior handle is attached.

I guess I'm wondering if the date code placement changed from when the bag first came out and moved after a certain production year. I know my LVs and can tell authenticity, but this whole date code thing is throwing me off.


Jan 5, 2014
Team USA
I believe 2006 is when they started doing the vertical for NF date codes. I started a thread on the main page asking the same thing. I've been doing some research and that's what I came up with. Hope this helped.

also, for the DE NF they started stamping MIF and MIS red too fyi