Neverfull Damier.....waitlist?!?

  1. I know theres been talk about the neverfull damier being released in my question is....will there be a waitlist or is this something that when it comes out i can just go into LV and get???

    ive never been on a waitlist because my collection only consists of 4 items!and i really want a shoulder bag and i love the neverfull and damier would be perfect so i want to make sure ill be able to get it!!

    thanks!!!! :smile:
  2. I put my name down in store in Bal Harbour, FL.
    The rep did not know anything about the bag in Azur.
  3. so if i just call the store i shop at i can get onto the waitlist if they have one??
  4. call and see what they say. I am going to do the same thing when my store opens.
  5. i called and they said it is comming out in november they arnt sure of the exact date.....she said she would put me down and call me when they know of the release date and that the day its released i will be able to go pick it up!

    now i gotta save!
  6. ^
  7. Congrats, the Neverfull in Damier looks amazing in the look book, I am sure you will love it IRL.
  8. i have never been on a waitlist im so excited!!!

    i havnt seen a picture yet...does anyone have any??? I just love the neverfull and i really want a damier bag so i know i cant go wrong!!!
  9. I would love to see a pic of one too. I think this will look really sharp in damier.
  10. i asked for the damier neverfull waitlist (SCP) and they didnt know it was coming out...i started a waitlist anyway! they will call me back to confirm!
  11. Yah I would love to see a pic of this as well! Or the Neverfull in Azur.
  12. i'm debating whether or not to get the neverfull in damier or mono. i'm leaning towards damier. i guess i need to see pics first.
  13. i want the neverfull pm in mono but i might have to get another one in azur when it comes out :biggrin:
  14. does anyone have any pics!!!!
  15. what would be so cool, is to get each size in a different line. Small, I want mono, medium damier and the largest to be Azur, what an idea.