neverfull damier or mono?

  1. Hi! I had myself waitlisted for the damier neverfull mm and I currently have the mono pm. Luckily, my friend is willing to buy my mono neverfull. Should I give up on the mono and wait for the damier? Need your opinions please. Its tempting to keep both but I feel its too indulgent to have the same style of bags. :confused1:
  2. i would keep them......if not, i guess you could get the damier, but i would have to see it IRL
  3. I cant wait for the neverfull damier.. I think its going to be a cute bag and different :biggrin: (well at least where I live) also its a no worries bag and thats perfect.
  4. Uhhhhmmm, I like them both! Maybe you should look at it in person first?
  5. My only concern about the Neverfull Damier is the lining. The pretty design on the lining might not show up as well as the lining of the Mono version. The red lining of Damier is very dark, I wonder if the design will still be as striking?
  6. Is the damier version coming out with the red lining? I was hoping that it would still have that great mono Neverfull lining!

  7. i prefer mono all my lv bags are in mono and mc i never had a single damier piece :smile:
  8. I think that this piece will be prettier in Azur, if you're only getting one I would hold out for that one.
  9. I personally don't like the Neverfull much in mono...I am waiting for the Damier version.
  10. I would wait to see what it looks like IRL before selling your mono Neverfull. Who might decide the mono one looks better!
  11. I would hold onto the mono until seeing the damier, but that's just my opinion!
  12. i'm not too crazy about the neverfull in mono, but i am going to get it in the damier ebene and azur when they come out.
  13. the neverfull i prefer in mono.
  14. I think you should keep both... you said that you have a PM now and will later get the MM in Damier. It's technically two different sizes, so I would consider it two separate bags. PM is a purse and MM is more of a tote bag.

    I have the Neverfull MM (which I love!) and now I think I want the Damier MM (even though I already own a Hampstead MM). Oh well... I gotta get on a waitlist!!
  15. I say keep the mono and also get it in Damier when it comes out. You can never have too many LV's