Neverfull damier ebene or Speedy Azur?

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  1. i can't decide if i want a neverfull damier ebene or speedy azur.
    i already have a speedy monogram 30.
    i like the shape of the neverfull in combination with damier ebene, but i also love speedy azur for summer outfits.

    what would you buy?
  2. between the two, i would have said azur speedy. but since you already mono speedy, maybe nf for now.
  3. neverfull in damier ebene..:smile:
  4. Speedy Azur... so fresh!
  5. I like Azur Speedy, especially since summer is coming :smile:
  6. I vote NF Azur. Can I do that?
  7. Speedy azur
  8. I had the same dilemma, but since you have the speedy already, I reckon the NF will be a better choice.
  9. I think I may be the only one against the Azur, here... So my vote goes to the Ebene NF. I'm not a big fan of Azur.
  10. neverfulll :biggrin:
  11. Damier Ebene NF
  12. Not a fan of Azur at all especially when the vache leather starts to patina. Go for the neverfull, you said you already had a speedy anyways!
  13. Azur Speedy
  14. I would say NF azur to be honest, but if thats not an option, i'd say the azur speedy. I think the mono and azur are more contrasting then the mono and ebene. The azur will give you more color options. Let us know what you decide.
  15. Nf!