Neverfull Damier Azur with rose ballerine lining question

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  1. Is this going to be a limited edition combination? I really love this combo but I also want to get a speedy in damier ebene. I don't want to miss out on this if I buy the speedy first
  2. Anyone?
  3. From what I have heard from my SA it is going to be limited edition, but I don't know for how long he said around till August. Then again you never know because of the popularity it could go before then, or also because of popularity they may decide to keep it around longer. But as for now I'd say jump on it, haha unless that is LV's sneaky plan!
  4. I was told it's limited for the spring/summer months only.
  5. It sounds pretty! I have not seen it yet.
  6. sounds pretty, and limited. hard to pass up..
  7. It is gorgeous and very girly. Get it while it's still around.
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  8. I just bought the GM and I am not a pink person but there is something special about this combination. I recommend!
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  9. Limited
    Grab it
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  10. Ladies, No wonder my NF GM in DA with RB interior took some time to come. There was not one in Switzerland nor France. My SA found it for me. I heart her!! I called LV customer service in Europe and they confirmed the RB interior in the NF DA is a summer color. I am so happy with my new bag!! [emoji177][emoji179][emoji177][emoji179]
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  11. I called last week the LV customer service line in Europe to inquire about a NF GM in DA with RB interior for my sister, and they don't have it readily available. We were told to get on the waiting list. Anyway, the NF MM in DA with RB is available with no wait. Also, I did hear that the DA with RB became part of the permanent collection.

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  12. Thank you everyone! This made my decision a lot easier. Everyone seems so fond of the RB color.
    I hope I can still get the bag. My SA thought she would be able to get one, but yesterday she told me she's not sure she would be able to get one.

    Edit: sorry, I replied at the wrong post :smile:
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