Neverfull Cracks

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  1. EA5180C8-1757-49D8-8680-DDBDB20BAAF5.jpeg This has happened to 2 places where the chaps are on my Neverfull. I am taking it to LV to see how they respond. I have been afraid to carry this bag for months.
  2. Take it bag to LV and ask them to take it to repair or if you can speak to the manager then maybe they will be very generous and replace the one you have with a new bag! If you did get a chance to get a NV in DE would you? I think you should have the monogram, I have never heard that someone got chips on the monogram print so maybe that’s you’re best bet
  3. How old is your bag? Cracked canvas cannot be repaired.
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  4. This bag is only 3 years old. I have a Mono monogram GM Neverfull too and have had no problems with it whatsoever. I rotate my LV bags regularly. I am done with LV! I have had so many items repaired or replaced. Their quality is not the same. It’s time to look for another designer. My Kate Spade and Longchamp bags are more durable.
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  5. Yes I’d say if you feel this way you should definitely move on. Sorry if I must add It appears the bag may have been pretty heavy and maybe grabbed by one strap causing stress in that area. The strap itself looks pretty worn. Did you buy new?
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  6. It’s hard to tell from the picture; is the strap pulling away from the bag, and would stitching it back down cover the tear? If so and LV decides it’s wear and tear, I’d have it repaired elsewhere and just wear the bag out.
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    that doesn't look like crack more like tear, I have seen that some worse some just little (yours is one of the worst ones I have seen), all of them happened to well used bags. And I do agree with you, there are lots of bags holds a lot better and only cost less than $100 or even $20 like bags from Walmart Target, but the point is it's LV, people buy it because it's LV many people still will buy it even the quality can't beat the $20 bags.

    I would suggest you just sell it if LV won't repair for you, there are people would buy it if price is right for them.
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  8. I bought the bag out of the boutique. I heard that you could carry a laptop and books in the Neverfull but I never carried those types of things. Really what’s the point of caring tote if you can’t put many things in it. It’s time to move onto Gucci.
  9. Gucci isn’t that great; my sister has a tote, she used it with care and didn’t carry very heavy stuff in it and it looks more worn than my neverfull (we got it at the same time) my neverfull held up better and looks great.
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  10. And with Gucci, you might buy something only to find it on sale later.
  11. Not going on sale is a huge part of the reason I've remained a loyal LV customer (even though I love to find "deals" when currency exchange rates are favorable)
  12. Yep. I really love Prada's nylon bags. They really work well for me. I almost bought another one last year, but I went with LV instead (for numerous reasons). A friend of mine, on the other hand, did buy herself a new Prada bag. Last week, she saw the same bag at a Prada outlet for almost half of what she paid for it overseas.
  13. Gucci, like every luxury brand, comes with its own onslaught of issues.
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  15. Absolutely agree!!!!