Neverfull base shaper

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  1. Hi girls! I just got the Neverfull GM DE for my birthday and I was wondering if anybody can provide me a good seller of base shaper?

    Thanks in advance for the feedbacks :smile:
  2. Hi Hun,

    Go on ebay - they do ones to fit speedy and it also fits the neverfull, I got mine from a seller over in the states but it's real good I have had it a few years and it does the job perfect!

    Failing that you can make your own with some real hard material - maybe perspex, just measure up and hey presto!!

  3. I brought a purse organiser / base shaper - from "Pimp My Speedy" in US - (they shipped to Australia) and I am pretty sure they do NF ones too.
    If you google Pimp My Speedy you will see them listed.
  4. Yeah thats who i got mine off:P
  5. ebay is full with shapers sellers and most of them are same quality


    I have bought two from them. And you can get clear. Brown or red acrylic
  7. The one I got has pockets etc that you can also put other items in as well as the more solid bottom. I dont like the perspex bottoms as I feel over time they could rub against the inside of the bag and create a little wear or hole, so I prefer to stick with the sewn (fabric or PVC type) purse organisers / shapers.

    And the other thing that is great with them, is if you have several bags the same (I have 4 speedys) I just lift the inside out of one bag and transfer it straight in to the other bag - no need to rearrange.

    I think with a NF you would be best to get one that is also a organiser so that things are in place rather than slipping in to the middle of the "big black hole"?
  8. Which size Purse to Go Zip would be the best for the Neverfull GM? And, would this serve as the base shaper as well?

    Thanks for the reply !
  9. I buy all my base shapers and organizers from, and have purchased several items from her for the past 2 years. Also, check out Queen Katz re: her Neverfull Collection items, (I love all of her videos).
  10. I've purchased all my base shapers from this eBay store:

    I'm not a fan of the plexi either. The thought of it rubbing on the interior over time makes me nervous. I love the ones from Pack UR Bags, crafted really well and matches my LV perfectly. I've also bought the "irregular" base shapers for half the price, can barely see the defects. The seller is really nice . . . I sent him an email telling him how much I love his product and it's the only base shaper I use and he sent me an extra one for free.
  11. Are there any uk sellers that do the speedy 25 in a fabric/pvc material not the hard plastic?
  12. Thanks! I ordered one from Ace of Baseshaper....can't wait for it to come
  13. Currently I am using a mirrored license plate with the rounded edges for my Neverfull MM. It fits perfectly and is light weight.