Neverfull bag organiser


Dec 15, 2013
I was looking for a bag organiser mainly to keep the inside on my NF clean, I didn’t want lots of pockets or a bottle holder and preferred to buy from a business in the UK rather than overseas.
After a bit of searching I came across Handbag Angels, have good reviews, free and quick postage. They have a number of different liners and you can customise them.
I went for the liner in the nude teddy, a good darker beige that goes well in my bag with 4 largish pockets and a pen pocket.
Here are a few photos.
85A9621C-1AFA-4C15-B4B6-B791F4DBB59D.jpeg E8C58F6D-782B-4210-92E8-AD797B57D344.jpeg E38E61E4-5FD5-448C-88EB-11234A6D4705.jpeg 1E7EF21C-E49A-4736-A8C3-77A9930BEE3E.jpeg