Neverfull bag help

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  1. Ladies, after all your views and comments, I'll go with the Neverfull MM. I think Damier looks way better than Mono but don't you think the Damier cinched looks very similar to the Hampstead? I don't see a point in getting the Damier Neverfull when I have the Hampstead already, but if I get it in Mono, the vachetta will darken :sad:

    To the ladies that have it in Mono, has your vachetta darkened a lot over time?
  2. Not really too much, I have the Murakami Mono NF in MM and the straps and trim are evenly "patinad" (if that is a verb!) I also have the Mono NF GM which I have only used once for a few days on a trip to Tokyo and it has hardly turned at all (understandably). I don't think the Damier is gonna look like your hampstead cuz it's so thin and lightweight looking, jmho! No vachetta worries with that one!!
  3. I totally agree.....I'm 5'2" and have damier it! Had mono pm, but it was just too small....I prefered speedy 30 over pm! Good luck with your choice!
  4. Thanks for your input roxiesmom. I have decided to go for the MM =)
  5. Hey Gang, how do you keep the sides cinched in? Mine keep sliding down?

  6. i'm 5'2 and just got the mm size. i tried on the gm size in the store and it looked pretty goofy fr my frame as an everyday bag - however, if you were to use it as just like a travel tote or something it would be okay i think