Neverfull alignment of outside vertical side seams...

  1. As mentioned in the other Neverfull thread about the "bleeding" issue, another tPFer said that the outside seams of her Neverfull GM were only aligned on one side of the bag but not the other.

    I looked at my MM and saw the same thing: right seam is not aligned (LV symbols don't match up on the seams) but the left seam was perfectly aligned. This is looking at the bag from the front where you can view the inside pocket.

    I called my SA who assured me that it was NOT possible to have alignment on both seams. That is was NORMAL for one side seam to be misaligned. I plan to visit some LVs when I'm in SF, so I'm going to verify for myself if this is completely true. I'm not having any bleeding issues but the alignment issue has thrown me for a loop!

    So.......if you own a Neverfull (PM, MM, GM), can you please let me know what type of bag you have and are the vertical left and/or right side seams of the outside of the bag aligned or misaligned on your bag?

  2. Sorry.... can a mod please move this thread to the LV general area? I accidently posted this thread in the Clubhouse section. Thx!
  3. Gosh, I just purchased a GM today and noticed that immediately. We looked up several of them at the store and they were all misaligned. All my made in France LV's are aligned.
  4. Ok.... maybe then it's not an issue if ALL the bags are misaligned one seam only. I'm still going to look myself but thanks for responding.
  5. Done! ;)
  6. ^^
    Thanks John!

    I just saw another tPFer's response in a different thread that the Neverfull she saw had both seams perfectly aligned....

    Help!! Does anyone else have a misaligned side seam on their Neverfull and what size bag do you own? Thx!
  7. Interesting thread!
  8. Mine is the same-and if I look at the shape and measurements of the bag I think it might not be possible to have it aligned on both sides.
  9. I purchased the MM today. I just looked at the ouside seams and the symbols on the left are aligned and the right side is not. Maybe all of them are that way.
  10. Is there correlation between where they are made and if they are / aren't aligned?
  11. My MM is like your's peace!

    The left side (if the pocket is at the back of the purse) is aligned but the right side isnt
  12. I own a Neverfull MM bag, I did notice the misalignment on one side. I took it back to the LV store and asked the Sales people, they told me it's normal. They wanted the Neverfulls to be a little distinct from the other bags. So everyone please don't be alarmed, it's purposely made that way. Notice the straps are also softer and the red lining or red glaze on the straps are not as stiff as the other mono bags such as the petite bucket or the speedy bags. I guess such a big bag for such a "bargain" compare w/ other bags. So far I love my bag, it's very lightweight and I could wear a lot of casual outfits to go with the Neverfull MM, and can't wait till' this winter season comes, it's roomy enough for me to throw in a scarf or a pair of gloves.
  13. Would anyone mind posting a pic? This is very interesting.
  14. I acutually posted a similiar thread not too long ago. Here's a pic of mine, but search that particular thread because people posted pics. A lot of people don't mind it, but for me I prefer them aligned. I don't think it matters where they were made since I returned it for a mini lin Speedy that was made in France and the top designs were not aligned as well. My SA and I ended up looking for an aligned piece that was perfect. It's like when you buy a pin-stripe suit. You always want to make sure that the tailor aligned your seam at the shoulders. :p
  15. Mine is aligned. It's made in France. I'll take pics and post them later.