Neverful in damier? Confirmation?

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  1. Hey..

    is it true that LV will make neverful in damier canvas?

    I have the neverful mono MM ...and planning on buying the damier azur speedy 30...

    will the neverful be in damier ebony or azur?

    But i guess if i get a second neverful it wouldnt be exciting as buying a new model which i dont have..

    what do you think?
  2. It was supposed to come out last fall but the latest consensus is that it's been delayed until 2009.
  3. They need to milk all the moolah they can out of the mono before launching a new line. Sad, for me. I was eagerly waiting for the azure but I'm starting to think it may not happen anytime soon. Good marketing strat thou.
  4. 2009!!!! sooo long away!

    to the op.. if you do the search, youll find more info. AND pics.
  5. Yes they will be coming out! The Neverfull DAMIER should be out in MAY .. I was just at the LV boutique today and i am waitlisted for one! The SA also said that they should be coming out w/ the AZUR edition as well. He wasnt quite sure when though, he said probably around winter (?!). Hope this helps out :smile:.
  6. the neverfull damier in ebony was suppose to be released in Nov of 07' but it is now pushed back to May of 08' no later than June.. the neverfull damier is azur will be released sometime in the winter..
  7. I was told May June as well.. I went yesterday. I can't wait because Ilove the Neverfull PM , I want one as a baby bag. ALso, they told me there may be another increase
  8. Does anyone know if they will be making all three sizes? I want the MM!
  9. i was told june.
  10. ValleyO is correct it was set for this year but the latest lookbook are showing delayed until 2009
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