never worn high heels

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  1. I've never worn high heels but after watching clinton and stacy.. ..I know that I need at least one really fantastic can anyone tell me which brand is realy comfortable..not just " I wear heels all the time and they're all comfortable to me" ...comfortable, but really okay for someone who has made it to their mid-thirties without wearing heels except on very very special occasions...I've heard that louboutins are very comfy..any advice?
    thanks:huh: :biggrin:
  2. the best are manolo blahnik, the mary jane in black satin are the best ever.:love:
    they have it on neiman marcus!
  3. i agree. but go slow, don't start wearing 4" heels immediately. there's a process involved, you know. and don't wear high heels when you'll be walking a lot. your feet will be killing you after 2 hrs.
  4. jj is right
    start with a 2"
    such as these
  5. i have those, and can't keep them on my feet when i walk- maybe i have the wrong size... i find ferragamos to be very comfortable- and they have different heel heights, so you could work your way "UP". good luck!
  6. ooooohhh really pretty shoes!!
  7. I have this pair of Anne Klein NY shoes and they are one of the only pairs of heels over 3" I've ever owned that I can wear all day without my feet hurting. The thicker stacked heel makes them easier to walk in, too. The good news for you is that the chunkier heels are in right now, and it might be good to start with those. For a few $$ more check out Taryn Rose shoes. I tried on a pair once and they were heaven, but I couldn't bring myself to spring for $400. I've heard the same think about Blahniks, but have never tried any on. If you've never worn heels, start off slow, just a couple of hours a day. And be sure to stretch your calves afterward.
  8. Where did you find those?
  9. Try wedges also. Wedges add more support and are more comfortable than heels. Start low and work your way up. Kate Spade has some new espadrille (sp?) short wedges with a 2" wedge. A wedge you can actually wear shopping unlike heels.
  10. NM carries taryn rose
  11. I can't keep sling backs on either. I just buy them without sling back or I buy them with ankle straps. They stay on mych better :amuse:
  12. i found that photo on neiman marcus, i buy blahniks at the manolo blahnik shop in london beacuse i live in london (now i am in rome).
    i have those too
    and i have a lot of these:
    the fantastic mary janes:love:
    they are 3 and a half inches
  13. WOW, they are beautiful! i run and have sort of big calves as a result- think they would look ridiculous on me?
  14. manolo blahnik shoes make the woman look more beautiful, remeber!!
  15. Oh divina, those shoes are to die for. If only I had someplace to wear them!!!