NEVER trust a troublesome ebayer again...

  1. Emmm... This is a follow-up of my previous thread about a buyer trying to return the Gucci bag for remorse. Actually, even I took the advice from all your grateful advice, not to accept the return, my partner took his patheticity towards girls, which really pissed me off.
    After lost the paypal claim. One night, that girl called us and cried, saying that she really didn't want that bag and that was a lot of money, blah blah blah. And she said by return she would buy 2 MMJ bag from our store for full price (previously she contacted with me for this MMJ bag but I blocked her). My partner took her advice, but he insisted that we should conditionally accept the return according to our store policy but in return gave her a discounted price for the MMJ bag so that the total expense met the full price, ahA, very complicated! At that time this girl was just mad about returning and accpeted any conditions for the return. Finally, we gave her one shipping discount, accepted two seperate payments and then completed the transaction. And recently, after one month all the eBay conmmnicating messages expired, this girl contacted us again, asking for one payment back, saying that she doesn't want to pay the conditionaly refund, or let her return one of the MMJ bag, totally forgetting that she agreed to buy them for full price but we offered the discount for the conditional refund. One month later~! We really want to treat her as a friend but she is really a jerk, we replied and rejected any of her request. And you know what happened? She, for the second time, filed paypal payment fraud, claiming that she didn't receive the package. Although we filed back for the separate payment excuse, we are really not sure if the paypal will refund us the money or not. And I am now worrying that she will further scam us by claiming chargeback! Terrible headache. just warn your guys, better avoid her!!
    The conclusion is: IF the buyer is troublesome, she/he will always be troublesome no matter how considerate you are. And troublesome buyers are just potential scammers, for money back, they do EVERYTHING###!!!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
    Her eBay ID is: blueemeraldbay
  2. Save ALL thoses emails with her!! Put them in order in a file and send them to Paypal. SHE has to prove her case and it sounds to me that she doesn't have one. Write to her and request the bags back and you'll refund her MINUS the shipping and listing and selling fees. I wouldn't charge a restocking fee, just be glad to get your bags back and let it go.

  3. Off topic, but HEY I KNOW YOU! I bought a Totally Turnlock Teri in Cordovan Red from you for the best price I could find anywhere! I checked Zappos, shopbop, AE, NM, BG, Bloomies, Nordies, and more! Thanks for the bag and the great deal!
  4. You are welcome! :smile:.