Never to old for a swing pack - Mom bought a Coach!

  1. I just have to share. My mom is 72. I love her to death - she's the best. She and my dad are visiting my brother in Florida, and she has been to 2 Coach outlets this week. When she went to the first one, she called me and told me that they had the Leigh in both Whiskey and Juniper, but the price was still high to me. She then started walking around the store giving me the play by play of what else they had. Now, bear in mind that she doesn't know names of bags at all, and actually said "dark tan and green" instead of Whiskey and Juniper, but still, I love that she was telling me everything that she saw.

    Well, at the first outlet, she didn't buy anything. Today, she went to the second outlet and saw something that she liked, and she bought it. She called me to tell me and said that she bought some kind of "small flat bag" in "bone and that English tan that they used to make with a long strap." (I know, all wrong, but still....) I made her read the tag to me because I had no idea what the heck she bought! Mom said "it says SWG PCK so I guess it's some kind of pocket bag." I burst out laughing and said "mom, you bought a swing pack!" I just think it's cute that my mom bought herself a swing pack! It's her third Coach - I've bought her the other ones!

    So see, for all of you who are wondering if you might be too old to carry a Swing Pack - the answer is no! You are good until you are atleast 72!
  2. haha! that is such a cute story! Your mom is awesome- and stylish too!
  3. That is so sweet!!! It is cute that your Mom helps feed into your addiction. That is funny how she gave you a verbal tour through the store.
  4. funny! i don't think anyone is ever too old for a swing pack or any purse hehe!!
  5. Great story!
  6. haha... that is a super cute story! Way to go mom! :tup:
  7. Good for her!!!! Age is only a number, glad to see that your Mom is stylin'! You are blessed that you have such a great relationship with her. Cherish it! :tender:
  8. That story is too cute! Good job, Mom. I bet she looks fantastic w/that swingpack!!
  9. Mom's are always so cute! Your mom is going to look so hip with her new swingpack! :jammin:
  10. You can never be to old to carry one. I have a Great grandmother & a great Aunt that are both over 80 years old and they both carry swing packs
  11. I thought this story was cute. I wish my mom was still with us so I could buy her a Coach. She never knew they existed, I don't think so. Maybe she did as they've been around since 1941. I'm glad your mom enjoys shopping for Coach, how fun. I don't have a swing pack yet but I've got my eye on the Heritage pink stripe with coated fabric, whenever I can get it for less than retail, it's mine!
  12. Congrats to your mom... she deserves it. I tried to get my mom one; however, she insisted that I return it because it was too expensive for a handbag.

  13. So cute :love:, I bet she looks awesome with her new coach.
  14. Congrats to her and what a cute story!!
  15. :yahoo::wlae::woohoo: