Never thought I'd say this, but I think I might actually enjoy...

  1. carrying hand held bags much better than shoulder bags!

    Today, I got over my fear (of getting anything on my bag:shame: ) and carried my Alma for the first time. I have to had been a long time since I had carried a hand held bag...It felt great!

    And check this out...when picking my daughter up from preschool, I caught a reflection of myself in the glass posture looked better...and not that it was bad before. It was as if the bag demanded that I not slump. :rolleyes: I'm referring to the I-have-to-get-my-three-year-old-home-and-give-her-lunch-and-pray-that-she-takes-a-nap-slump. It was not there today!!! It was more of a I-will-call-him-and-talk-dirty-after-she-goes-to-sleep-prowl. :graucho: :lol:

    Screw shoulder bags...:idea: I want a Speedy or a Batignolles NOW.
  2. Its so true!!! Before actually using the hand held looked a bit uncomfortable but...its not at all and it is even more comfortable at times vs shoulder bags...

    I luv my Alma too...:yes:
  3. I had sort of the same revelation today. I had always preferred shoulder bags in the past, but today I carried my duomo for the first time. I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and realized my posture looked better, too! My back felt better, also. I think I will consider a lot more of the handheld bags in the future that I had previously disregarded. Funny how such a small thing can boost your confidence. Great minds think alike, eh?
  4. The hand helds are so much more comfortable! Plus, I never realized how much I had been putting on my shoulder! Seriously, I think I may make a switch for a while...And maybe I'll only carry smaller shoulder bags so that I won't be able to load them up.
    I really want a black Epi Speedy right now...:love:
  5. I agree ..I prefer hand-held over shoulder too:love:
  6. i've always prefer handheld bags to shoulder bags coz i have a small frame and the shoulder bag straps don't stay on my shoulder! also, when i wear a coat (6 months of cold weather in buffalo) it's even worse to try and wear a shoulder bag. so... handheld all the way!
  7. yes yes.. get a speedy!!! :yes:
  8. I prefer shoulder bags but hand-held ones are gorgeous for when I´m not shopping or doing something else where I need to get something from the bag all the time.
  9. That Alma is so gorgeous, I can see how it could turn you off of shoulder bags Epi Speedy 25 is another perfect bag. nudgenudge
  10. there's something about handheld bags that immediately makes a woman look more lady-like. I notices that when I was carrying my vintage doctor's bag the other day
  11. I agree!
    I have a much easier time with my Speedy versus any shoulder bag.
    It's more convenient to just have it on my arm, versus a shoulder bag that keeps falling forward as you bend over.
  12. That's why I love hand-held bags so much! Welcome to my world.
  13. Same here.
    I used to bring large totes/ shoulder bags, but after my LV Speedy, I don't think I'll look back.........
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    I feel the same way. I never thought i would like a hand held bag until I met my damier speedy and we fell in :love:. Now I use her just about everyday. My head is held high, my shoulders are back and we strut together. Thats right we strut. the hot-to-trot strut
  15. I use my Speedy 35 everyday now. I used shoulder bags all the time before I had the Speedy.