Never sold anything on ebay before - is it possible to sell my bag then?

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  1. #1 Oct 11, 2010
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    Though I have had an ebay account for ~5 yrs, I never sold anything and only made only a few purchases (around 5) with my account. Now that I want to sell my x, I just don't know if I should bother to post it on ebay. First off, I don't really know how to sell using Paypal. Heard scary things about buyers claiming refund upon receiving the purchase. I don't know if this happens a lot cuz I definitely don't know how to deal with it if it happens. Second, will people risk buying something like designer bags from a seller with no feedback thus no credibility? I probably wouldn't risk my $800 on that. Small things, probably. Do people feel the same?

    I really want to sell my x asap as I have my eyes on an lv which would be too much to afford unless my miu miu is sold. Can anyone suggest some other ways to sell it? I have posted it in a couple of our local forums but I found it very hard to sell even though the price is low, because there simply aren't many people interested in x, never mentioning x. Sorry for the complaint. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. This is going to be a hard one. Because you have very little feedback alot of buyers may not want to buy from you. However if I were you I would take a chance and list it Buy It Now on a 7 or 10 day listing. With immediate PP payment due.

    You already have a paypal acct linked to your ebay account so there would be no problem receiving payment.

    Now once you sell it PP will hold the funds until the buyer has left you positive feedback.
    Please please be sure to disclose all flaws to the bag in photos and description in great detail.

    Also make sure when you ship it to insure it and send with signature confirmation, meaning someone has to sign for the box when they receive it, not just delivery confirmation. Good luck hope this help.
  3. I agree that it is difficult for a first time seller----esp with designer items. Unscrupulous buyers aside there is a very good chance that Paypal would hold your funds until the buyer left positive fb or whatever arbitrary criteria they feel like applying.

    You might try the online consigners like Ann's or Yoogis. There are probably many threads about them.

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    Thank you joyceluvsbags and poopsie2. I will probably try my luck on ebay but I really wouldn't have my hopes up. I wonder if people who sell their bags on ebay all do that on a regular basis? Online consigners maybe my last resort but I don't want to go to them yet - my x would not sell for much and I will pay somewhere around half that money.
  5. Poopsie brings up a good point: if you haven't sold before and your item sells for a high price (more than $100, but I'm not sure of the exact cutoff), Paypal will hold your funds for over a month. I bought some expensive shoes from a very nice ebayer with <20 feedback, she shipped immediately and I left her positive feedback. About a month later she sent me a message saying that they were still holding her funds and asking me if I could do anything to release them. I think she ended up calling Paypal and they got released.. but even if your bag sells, it still might be a month or so before you end up seeing the money.
  6. I don't mean to highjack your thread, OP, but I have the same question. I may end up selling a bag on Ebay for around 2500-3000$ I have been a buyer for 8 years (and have a history of buying designer items and bags). And I am a very recent seller of about 5 items this last summer (nice clothes and designer jeans). I have a 96 rating all positive. Do you think I would have a problem selling?

    In terms of Paypal holding funds, that's ok. I can wait a month to receive the money.

  7. A a buyer I look at the seller's feedback to see why their rating is only 96%. It depends on the negative feedback they received on whether I'd buy from them or not.
  8. ^^^ I'm 100% positive, but only 96 feedbacks. I agree, 96% is a terrible rating! :smile: Sorry for the confusion!

  9. Ah, I see. Sorry about that! Well then I'd have no problem buying from you!
  10. Honestly, I would not buy from a seller with a 96 rating, 98 is the lowest I'll go and that's after carefully looking at any negative and neutral feedback they've received.

    I wonder if you would have better luck on Bonanzle?

    ETA: Never mind, I see your correction! I think 96 total positive feedbacks is good! I would buy from a seller with only 50 even, if their feedback was good.

  11. Then probably I should try to sell some smaller items before I try to sell my bag? I'm even thinking about keeping the bag now cuz it's just too much trouble to sell...
  12. Do you have smaller things to sell? Because that would be a great start. And a quick way to build it up. And maybe buy a few things as well... for instance, maybe things you buy normally in a store that are low priced but you can get a deal on at Ebay (thinking of lotion... I have a body lotion I love and I can buy a 3 pack on Ebay for the same price as just 1 at a drugstore). Something to build up with?
  13. Ok! This is good to know! Thank you ladies!
  14. I do have a large OPI collection which I no longer use (too lazy to do it myself), and TONS of falsies. I might consider selling those~
    I never really looked up ebay before cuz it's so easy to just get what i need from my local stores. I just checked up a few items on my shopping list, and they are definitely cheaper on ebay! I live in Canada and some of the prices here are ridiculous compared to the States. I guess I'll start ebaying from now on.
    Thanks for ur tip! Big money saver~!
  15. paypal holds funds for 21 days or until positive feedback is left or delivery is confirmed