Never smile at a Crocodile,..

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  1. ...or else he'll take a giant bite out of your back pocket!

    Hello all! Back from a long hiatus to introduce you all to my newest little slice of skin, snapped up without a moments' hesitation. Is it love? Why, yes it is. :smile:

    Porte-cartes simple Crocodile Mate Marron

  2. No Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:nuts: It is Amazing!!!!
    Love your thread title too!
  3. Stunning! Congrats!
  4. That is amazing!
  5. I agree! Definitely stunning! :smile:
  6. WOW! Gorgeous!
  7. I am so jealous O.O I want the neverfull croc...but 32k is way out of my league..way to go on your purchase!
  8. Correction... Porte-cartes simple Crocodile Mat Marron

    Thanks all! I couldn't ever justify anything croc. larger than this without it feeling a little over the top. It's absolutely perfect :smile:
  9. Fabulous choice.
  10. Gorgeous congrats
  11. holy crap..... niceeeeee! that is a skin beauty :] congrats!
  12. Amazing and it's stunning!! COngrats!
  13. Congratulations!
  14. this is gorgeous!
  15. Congrats!