Never shopping NM LV in Houston after this

  1. I usually go the the main LV at the Galleria but sometimes check out the NM LV in the same mall but for some reason the staff there have always seems less accommodating at the NM location and so I've always just bought at the main boutique in the mall.

    On Friday Jan 26, the day after I was at the PFers thingy at the LV Boutique I was thinking of getting the pastilles monogram keyring for a bracelet / purse charm but wanted the mono one not the multicolore which was all that was available at the boutique in the mall, the mono that I wanted was only at the NM one. I was a bit rushed but knew they had it at the NM location so with my Mum and niece in tow who flew in from Montreal Thursday night to join me and DH for a caribbean cruise on the weekend, I took them out shopping and stopped by quickly to see about the bracelet / extender / keyring thingy at the LV NM at the Galleria- my Mum is an impatient shopper so I was just going to go in and grab it and was feeling rushed as I wanted it for the cruise we were going on and wanted to get out of the shops as we had been out most of the day by then.

    We were in Neiman and the LV wasnt busy, the SA said she'd be with me in a minute .. she just stood around after that not doing anything .. kind of odd ... then decided to come over and help me out. I just pointed to the item and said I would like that please. I said I would like it for a bracelet -- she said um... you want to wear it like a bracelet? "yes I would" she started giving me attitude about it since it is actually a purse charm / key fob but it does make a great little bracelet -- I just wanted to get out of there -- she said have you tried it on? I said yes, not this one but the multicolore version - lets check it out to be sure -- from then on she was just extremely sarcastic and very unhelpful with any question I asked her, I said "can this also be used as a pouchette extender" - "sure why not" I guess so, "same hardware" .. you can do whatever you want with it .. just her tone and attitude was very uncalled for .. my niece who was with me, visiting from Montreal said after that this was the first rude person she made since arriving in Texas and was surprised I didn't just walk out of the store --

    When I entered the store my intention was just to get the pastilles monogram keyring and go - how easier could a sale be? Small in the scale of things I know, but still, to be able to blow that you have to suck pretty bad as an SA LOL, well she certainly did. Anyway, I was still in the mode where I was thinking .. get bracelet / keyring, get out of store, .. and while she was ringing me up and I signed the bill .. I saw my nieces face in shock and was thinking about what had just happened .. so I said "will this work as a charm on my Saleya MM, it really needs to fit on my Saleya as a charm since I am not going to wear it as a bracelet all the time .. ?" She only had a PM but brought it down and the clasp woudln't go around the hardware.

    Oh geez .. well that isnt going to work .. I said it really has to work for that as well .. I'm sorry I can't take it.

    The SA said . its too late I rang it up.

    I thought to myself BS and Holy BS .. I knew that was a load of crap to tell me that I could not return the item because it was rung up .. I probably would have taken the item as a bracelet and enjoyed it as such if this woman had not given me the crap and attitude about how I used it, but I decided I could play that game too and decided I wanted it to be 100% useful to me then, and if it wasn't going to work on my Saleya I wasn't going to bother with it. Both my Mum and niece also saw it wouldn't fit around the hardware of the Saleya and heard the woman say it was too late she already rang it up.

    Well, obviously she was in the wrong with that one and I confronted her and said can't you just cancel it? Since I obsoulsly wasn't just going to say Oh ok and walk away with my little keyring / pursecharm that doesn't fit my Saleya / bracelet / ... and was going to challenger her on that "I already rang it up " crap .. she said "yes I can void it" ... and just voided it.

    I wish I could have explained this incident better, I rarely complain about sales people but it certainly wasnt just me as my Mum and niece were both in shock as to how this woman was talking to me as I was about to spend over 375 on a keychain that I wanted to use as a bracelet, especially after how wonderfully accommodating and pleasant they had been at the LV Boutique in the mall over the same item earlier in the week but it just happened they only had the multicolore version and I wanted the mono version only they had available at this location. I should have got this SAs name I am not sure I can track it down but she did make the transaction and void it so not sure its on any record or not. I have had some attitude in the past at the Nieman LV location before when browsing so I've always bought from the main boutique location but it has been a long time since I have even been in it, but this episode certainly reminded me why -- LOL pretty bad when you blow a for sure sale like that, I just decided to pass on the item for now because of that dorkiness, there are too many great items available and I want to check out my new LV shopping grounds in Alberta anyways as I am moving to the Great White North next month. Thank you for reading my rant about this, it really bothered me and felt worth passing it on -- I wanted to wait until I came back from my cruise and decide that if it still had the impact on me after a relaxing week in the Caribbean then the story definitely was worth passing on.
  2. Was she young with about shoulder length hair? She always gives me attitude and acts like she can't hear me when I go to visit that LV... :cursing:
  3. So sorry to learn of this terrible experience. You should make a formal complaint.
  4. EEK..Stay away from that boutique
  5. You are such a sweet lady, and I enjoyed sitting next to you at lunch chatting, I can't imagine anyone giving you such terrible service. It is their loss for sure...
  6. Sounds about right, John .. By the way, sure was great to meet you! What a terrific guy!
  7. Thanks :smile: very nice sitting with you as well, we had such a lovely lunch -- my Mum and Niece were not impressed with LV after that visit with me to the NM location on Friday, I sure wish they flew in a day earlier and could have spend the day with us when we had our event on Thursday it was so much fun!
  8. I have had a young girl from that location give me attitude as well when I visited the store. I wonder if that was her.

    Oh how I wish you would have taken her name. That was unacceptable. Sorry that you had to deal with that.
  9. I am so sorry you had to deal with someone like that. That is just totally unacceptable. Glad you could come here and vent a little. You should probably have gotten her name and make a little call to the store. No one like that should be working with the public....she is giving LV a bad name.
  10. It was great to meet you too!

    I think we should all call in and ask to speak to the manager... people like her DO NOT need to work there! I would bend over backwards for any customer if I was an SA...

    Sorry you got such terrible service... :sad:
  11. I think you should for sure call the manager of the store AND main customer service (866). You did not deserve such treatment, just because they work at LV doesn't make them any more special then any other worker anywhere else. We are hearing more and more stories like this and it is up to us to tell the managers before it becomes the "norm".
  12. wow long post lol and I read everything lol. I think you coulda just asked for another SA to help you out. I don't take attitude from SAs anymore (I used to....cuz I'm kinda shy and look really young). You're the customer and you should be treated well in a luxury boutique, especially when they're not busy.
  13. Report that SA! She had no right to speak to you in such a way. Do it as soon as you can. I'm sorry you've encountered a rude person. :shame:
  14. So sorry to hear about your bad experience but Right on!! :drinks: on challenging her "too late I rang it up". That's BS.
  15. so sorry for that!



    enjoy your va-ca!