Never sell a classic! I sold my 04 blk city but luckily got an 05!! PICS>>>

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  1. Of all the bbags that I've sold (of which there have been many), I regretted selling the 04 black city because its one that I've always loved.

    Well, I snatched one up uber fast online and its even BETTER!!! Its S/S 05!!! :graucho:

    The seller was super sweet and the bag is incredible. THICK, soft 05 leather ROCKS!!!:rochard:

    This one is staying in my hall of fame for sure....:supacool:
    DSC03913.jpg DSC03909.jpg DSC03918.jpg DSC03931.jpg
  2. That is soooo gorgeous!!!!:love::love::love: A definite keeper!!!!:heart:
  3. :party: Oh it's beautiful :drool: and it looks great on you w/that dress :yes: CONGRATS!
  4. VERY nice! I'm glad you found a perfect replacement. It's so hard when we have selling regrets (I've had a few), and it's so great when we can fix it.
  5. WOW:nuts::nuts:

    Seriously, one of the nicest black City's I have seen. A big congratulations to you:yahoo:
  6. amazing leather on that one!! super slouchy!! congrats!
  7. Gorgeous! The leather looks amazing!
  8. *sigh* sometimes I wish I could go back in time to my '05 self and say, "hey, buy your Balenciagas this year because it will go down in history as the best. year. evah. !!! ;) ***

    That last picture of you carrying it is the clincher!!! Congrats!

    *** P.S. My '05 self would have said ... "are you nuts? I would never spend that much $$$ on a handbag!!!"
  9. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Lucky you!!!!!! LOVE IT!
  10. Gorgeous! I'm a bbag newbie, but I can see how great that leather is! So glad you found an awesome replacement!

  11. [​IMG]
    WOW! Great leather!!!
  12. Wow - you look hot! Haha. Love the dress and necklace - where from (on both)?

    05 black city twins ;) :love:
  13. Now that is a perfect bag!!! :yahoo:
  14. Yayy, karen it is gorgeous.:drool: I love your Green dress. :tup:Congrats :yahoo:and enjoy it.:heart:
  15. I second that on the green dress! and that is a beautiful 05 black city!:yahoo: