Never seen this style...

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  1. Maybe it would make a good laptop bag? JMO
  2. oh! i think i saw that before here in PF....when The Marketplace was still up :biggrin:
  3. Yeah! That's a non motorcycle travel bag, really cute. I know some people have used it as a laptop bag. It supposedly has really great leather -- I know there were a few in some Barney's outlets as well!
  4. My friend has one, the leather's beautiful IRL. Barneys apparently had them on sale recently that's why it's been selling for less than retail
  5. this style was on sale last season by Barneys for about 40% off. i dont know if they redid it for this season. some refer to it a bal computer bag.
  6. Thats a new one to me too.
  7. mocean had/has one in emerald - she got it a while back. I know it was up on ebay, don't know if it sold. But the leather certainly looked amazing.
  8. I think it's the 'medium travel bag' in marron. There's also a 'travel bag' that is slightly larger, but I've never seen it irl or pics. The medium is about 14x16 - so that must be it. I did a bit of poking around about this style a couple of weeks ago when I fell in love with all things B-bag and aloharag had listed the sizes and colors. It seemed like a nice way to get the 'good leather' and I kinda like it in an ugly duckling - ghurka / hogan sort of way.

    But I've decided to take a pass on this style. I really need comfortable shoulder carry. I'm saving up for a fall B-bag and I think I'll get the Shopping (tote) - its starting to feel like a decision. :rolleyes:
  9. i have this bag in emerald, its so fabulous! i carry it on my shoulder no problem and btw i get more compliments with it than with my bbag hobo so far actually...

    i used it for awhile for my class bag- carried a few notebooks, 12in powerbook, makeup case, pencil case, various electrical things and still had room for more. its my mary poppins bag! the leather is lambskin which is so f-ing soft! it picks up stains like nothing else though. make sure to rain garde it ASAP.

    also- I bought mine at a Barneys outlet for $799 in March- but I went recently again and they were marked down to $495 or so. (so give barneys a call if you want one.)
  10. OOOOoooo!!! Can you post a pic of yours, mocean?

    I would love to see it in that colour :smile: