Never seen this LV before...

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  1. No. And I don't like it.
  2. Well they are a my poupette seller, so I highly doubt its a fake. I agree that its ugly, though.
  3. Never saw it before, don't like it :huh:
  4. Very strange looking...maybe it was refurbished?
  5. The questions-to-the-seller section points out that this bag was carried by Elizabeth Montgomery in BEWITCHED. That would make it a pretty old bag. The show was only on from 1964 to 1972. I'm assuming that the VAST MAJORITY of us weren't bag shopping back in those years....
  6. Wow, it's close to being an antique eh?
  7. indeed, the French Co. bags are quite old, but i like it just because it's french co - their speedies are far superior to modern speedies, IMO.
  8. At first glance I thought this was fake. I should email Angie at Poupette and get her thoughts. I wonder if the seller is really a Poupette seller?
  9. Ok, I cked and the seller is listed as a seller there......Although I don't like the bag though.
  10. Yeah it's the older style bucket, I'm not a fan of the middle band of vachetta.
  11. wow that bag is so ugly!
  12. That was exactly my thought that's why I posted it, so ugly and looked fake. Well it's authentic, so too bad for LV to ever have such a bag made.
  13. I have this bag. I bought it at a thrift shop in Palm Beach. Florida for $25.00. My friend was the manager and knew I liked LV and saved it for me. I gave it to my sister and she uses it as her lunch bag. It really is made very well and I thought better handles than the new petit bucket bags. I have seen them sell over $400.00 on Ebay so I felt I got a great deal and my sister likes the bag.
  14. If someone was a collector of LV, this would definately be a great vintage edition.