Never seen this Coach bag before. Real?

  1. Is it real?
  2. Yes, I've seen that style before; couldn't say if that particular pic is of a real bag, though.
  3. It looks like their beaded tote-not sure if the actual bag pictured is a real Coach or not though..
  4. Looks similar to a style I've seen- and I love everything about it except for the giant Coach logo. Geez, they need to get over the logo-a-gogo thing. Isn't the hangtag enough?
  5. Yeah, that's the beaded suede gallery tote. It looks real, too. This one was purchased at an outlet, not sure if you can still find these in outlets, though. I do see them a lot on eBay.
  6. Looks good [​IMG] Right shape, tag & tab look good, and has the outlet circle stamped into the label.
  7. It's a real Coach, I just saw it in their February 06 catalog. They also had one like that in aqua.
  8. looks real to me. I have the same one but in the more greyish color. forget what they call the color.
  9. Ok. Cool. So I bid on it on Ebay & i won! I got it for $202. Thanks everybody.
  10. I own this! You will love it.
  11. Congratulations lil_angel!
  12. My son's friend's mother has this bag - I really like how the earthy suede is accented with blingy shiny trim, it's really cute!