Never seen this bag before - What do you think of this early MBMJ bag? Hot or Not?


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  1. IMO there is just too much going on there with the bright contrasting stitching and orangey gold hardware. Also, the style reminds me of a camera bag. :s If you like though that's all that really matters.
  2. hmmm I cant tell if that bag is authentic or not because it looks really off to me. I have the Max bag and mine's differs TONS from the one in the auction...

    Anyways, I like the bag (well not the one in that picture because the different pockets look really odd to me) and it fits tons!
  3. Were you the one who ended up snatching that bag??

    The bag's a little bit too busy for me, but I like things horribly simple. The pockets look very useful though.