:*:*: Never seen on tpf exclusive h new item reveal & an extra h item! :*:*:

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    Hello Everyone

    Hope you are all well...

    Its me AGAIN (I know you are probably sick of me doing so many reveals but I love H and only know of you guys and dolls who can share the excitement with me)... :graucho:

    I purchased 2 H items: one to compliment my Constance Wallet and another to compliment my Celine Mini Luggage (The item for the Mini Luggage is a brand new item that H has just released)...

    Anyone around?
  2. I love your reveals. Your passion of Hermes and great choices make it a lot of fun!!!
  3. I'm here! Love your reveals!
  4. Lovely!!
  5. Awww thank you Plumtree and Colourbag :blush:
  6. Ok first with the complimenting H item for the Constance Wallet (which I had been almost tempted to buy from a reseller but glad I waited)

    Presenting Ms Tosca CDC with PHW :heart: :cloud9:
  7. big fan of your reveals, bring it on :woohoo:
  8. woo hoo, great start...
  9. Introducing the new Jige Duo Wallet: :love::heart::cloud9::loveeyes::hbeat:

    FYI: I remember yodaling1 posting this question in the post eBay/Web Hermes Finds in the Shopping thread.. asking the dimensions...

    Size: 21cms X 12cms (and depth is about 2.5cms when shut but opens up quite wide like the Kelly wallet and Constance wallet does)
  10. OH JIGE DUO! So lovely!!!

    Love the CDC!!
  11. ^^^ Sorry about the crappy pics.. I was in such a rush to reveal lol
  12. Fabulous so far love Tosca and your CDC is fab, almost was your twin when i tried one on but alas the CDC just does not suit me have tried many times so got a Tosca KD instead
  13. Congrats! Love both of the new "additions"!
  14. huge congrats Sai, love the CDC and the duo jige, very cool
  15. congrats for both the tosca cdc and duo jige. :smile: