Never seen a Noe like this...

  1. that's just the plain vachetta and judging from the color, they're unused!
  2. It's a Vachetta the trims of a Speedy...
  3. I find that really weird. :wtf:

    So they'll just patina huh...
  4. Yes 100% pure naked leather (vachetta)
  5. is that from nomade line?
  6. it think this was a special order. too bad LV doesnt do special orders in VVN anymore
  7. whoa!!!! holy smokes!!! that's HOT! lol I'd like to run a crayon all over it! haha
  8. That must be expensive?!?!? I like it, but I think it would be a tough bag - to get in and out of. Looks different.
  9. hmmm i also think its a vachetta noe.... ask irene,, she's the queen of noe :yes: :nuts: